global warming

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dont know whether i getting old, but i get quite worried about this, i have started walking to the office and pondering about the vast amounts of food packaging etc i, as a single man, produce.
Is it too late? every government seems to only concentrate on the next 4 years (obviously) and everything seems to place money and personal progression first and foremost and then do a little, to show they are trying to be green.
at work, im shocked to hear, we produce 46000 paper towels a week from people washing their hands, and have electric hand driers fitted in every wc.
do you think we can reverse this? i live near an old street with 2 schools and every morning it's gridlocked with four wheel drive vehicles being driven by people i personnaly wouldnt trust to drive 'a pig up an entry'
are we really any greener today? sure when i was a kid there were a lot more coal fires and industries, but the only kids driven to school lived out in the sticks and were usually bullied by confused jealous children because they were the exception rather than the norm.
every road is always gridlocked and people drive everywhere, the point im making is how can we undo this damage, personally i fear we cant, we dont have a chance and deep down we dont really care as there are more important things on the horizen, such as closing our next deal or booking our holiday in caymen, i believe this is simply human nature and will be our undoing.

  Kate B 11:58 14 Apr 2007

I'm a bit cynical about all this: while it's important to be aware of the impact on the environment we all have, there's a whiff of "scare du jour" about all the coverage at the moment. Individuals can certainly be more responsible but there's so much involved in calculating the impact of any activity that your head will explode. For example, putting a wind turbine on your roof sounds like a good idea, but the little domestic ones are so inefficient that they probably had on balance an adverse effect on the environment in the energy that was consumed in making them in the first place.

I think we can all do little things that add up to a lot such as recycling, thinking about where and what we drive, etc, but for me, quality of my personal life is important and yeah, I'll probably fly a couple of times this year and I'll still use tungsten lightbulbs for as long as possible. It's a question of finding a balance you're comfortable with, I think.

hang your head in shame young lady! this is what i mean, im exactly the same myself as are mosy people. we as a race are too intelligent for our own good (so some of us have a problem with spelling) but the dinosaurs were on this earth for a lot longer than we have been and just look around you at the state of the planet, we have been on the planet for a tiny amount of time and look at it!
as i said, i believe our selfish human nature with be our undoing.

  Jak_1 12:09 14 Apr 2007

So you are advocating that we should all act like dinosaurs then?

  johndrew 12:17 14 Apr 2007

`.. the dinosaurs were on this earth for a lot longer than we have been ..`

Agreed. But the earth heated up and they died out without any help from cars, planes, power stations, etc.

Nature is bigger than we are. There have been statements that we are still emerging from an ice age which indicates the earth is still warming. Scientists are still attempting to understand natural cycles affecting climate.

We may be adding to the heating process but I have seen no figures providing details of nature`s contribution compared to ours. Until evidence is available showing the percentage attributable to solar activity, volcanoes and other natural phenomena versus the input made by mankind, I shall be more than suspicious of the political input.

well, i do see certain problems with that idea, but why not? seriously the point i was making was the changes to the planet in a very short amount of time. And a lot of this has to do with are rapid progression and intelligence.
All other animals on the planet seem pretty balanced, humans the exception, i wonder why we act so differently? so some animals kill to eat and some kill for fun, but is there anything as destructive as a human being?

  hzhzhzhz 12:22 14 Apr 2007

"It's a question of finding a balance you're comfortable with, I think."


  hzhzhzhz 12:25 14 Apr 2007

anyway,I think that a virus will see off most of the population at some time in the future.

i dont really have any strong thoughts/ views on this subject, just posting my ponderings for discussion, whilst nervously waiting the return of my 1958 strat, which i finally and with a lot of pain have decided to have a new neck fitted, for over a year i have had to bend in the e string due to lack of wood, like an expectant father i guess.
oops sorry wrong forum!

virus's scare the hell out of me, the damage they can do, and the way they adapt and change, nature is indeed a powerful, wonderful, forbiding element.

  Forum Editor 12:38 14 Apr 2007

from this point of view:-

"I'll be dead before it gets really bad, so I don't think I'll bother too much about it."

Feel free to correct me.

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