Glasgow's Big Road Development.

  Aitchbee 21:24 03 Mar 2011

Travelling on the bus about five miles from south to north (or vice versa) I was really impressed at the number of small trees that have been planted either side if the new motorway development (M8) which is near completion.
I counted about a thousand trees (one way).(estimate)
Well done the planners.
BTW Glasgow is known as the dear green place.
The new road will alleviate the congestion in the city centre and everyday commute for car users.
I think the project has been spurred on by the fact that Glasgow is hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
How is London doing for the games in 2012?

  Condom 02:15 04 Mar 2011

When I was a lad travelling from the west end of Glasgow to the east end was a days outing. The M8 through the city centre made it a 30 minute journey in normal circumstances. For once the planners got it right but boy did it confuse the Ministry as Glasgow ended up with a Motorway where you could join or leave it from either the right or the left hand side. I'm not often up there anymore but I bet it still causes strangers to look twice when people start joining the traffic from the right hand side.

  zzzz999 05:18 04 Mar 2011

Is it not the M74 extension rather than the M8 (sorry if being pedantic). Matter of interest, what type of trees were they planting?

  wids001 08:26 04 Mar 2011

I was under the impression that the planting of trees on new roads, particularly around cutings, embankments and split-level junctions is common practice. Once the roots take hold they bind the soil to lessen the risks of landslips.

  al's left peg 08:36 04 Mar 2011

part of the Central Motorway in Newcastle upon Tyne you can also join in the fast lane. The reason I was told was in the 70's there was talk of the UK moving over to drive on the right hand side of the road like the rest of Europe. I would imagine Glasgow was the same reason their roads are laid out that way.

  birdface 09:44 04 Mar 2011

Where is the new bit of road being built.
Having traveled westbound and eastbound on the M8 on numerous occasions it used to be a bit of a nightmare hitting Glasgow in the mornings and evening rush hours it was almost as bad as being stuck on the M25.
If it is to ease that traffic it should be well worth while.
it was getting that bad that I would get off at junction 10 of the M74 and make my way northbound passing through the outskirts of East Kilbride and through Paisley and out at the other end to go over the Erskine Bridge rather than be held up in the Glasgow traffic.
That normally the way I go back as well it takes a bit longer but more sites to see than being stuck on a Motorway.

  Aitchbee 11:10 04 Mar 2011

The types of trees being planted is unknown to me at the moment, I expext there will be a variety.I will try to find out. They are all in green growing tubes at the moment.
It has been interesting following the progress of the road construction from top of the bus. I hope to go on foot to get a closer look if possible in the near future.
A lot of the new road is built on giant pillars over the existing main routes south of the river Clyde - existing traffic going under the new road.

  birdface 11:41 04 Mar 2011

I used to get off at jnt 4 of the m74 or M6 not sure which and join the M8 that way.
So the next time I go up I just stay on the M74 and follow directions.
I should be going back up in the summertime sometime you cannot beat the lovely sunnshine and great shopping center that Dumbarton does not have.
Everyone else heads abroad for their holidays and I go to sunny Dumbarton sad isn't it.

  Legolas 08:48 08 Mar 2011

I think that the traffic congestion will only be alleviated for a while as the traffic tends to grow to fit the extra space created by any new road system. I get the motorway bus from Paisley to Glasgow and it crawls from the Govan turn off to the centre of Glasgow. I hope that the new development does something about that if only for a while.

  Bingalau 10:03 08 Mar 2011

Maybe the falling leaves in the autumn will help when the snow and ice forms on the new motorway surface?

  Aitchbee 19:24 18 Mar 2011

Make that 50,000. (updated estimate).

Type of trees (still to find out)

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