Glasgow wins race for 2014 Games

  Quickbeam 18:16 09 Nov 2007

click here I can't help but think they won't have anything like the financial millstone around their neck that England will have after the Olympics:) click here

But good luck, I think in general it is good for Scotland.

  Forum Editor 18:21 09 Nov 2007

not just Scotland - it'll be partly funded by UK taxpayers after all.

  Legolas 18:22 09 Nov 2007

I have mixed feeling about it

I stay a few miles from Glasgow although I work there.

I have just watched the Scottish news and of course it was full of the news about the 2014 games.

I can't help thinking that rather than spend millions building an athletes village there are plenty of homeless in Glasgow that could do with a home at a rent they could afford.

It seems strange that they can find money for the games but not for the disadvantaged in Glasgow.

  Joe R 18:25 09 Nov 2007

I too, am of the same opinion as Legolas, these games will no doubt put a spotlight on the City of Glasgow, but there are more worthy projects that the money could be spent on.

I am also sure that there will be a spiralling cost up until the games themselves,

  Bingalau 18:54 09 Nov 2007

I fully expect that the English taxpayer will end up paying more than their fair share for this. Of course this will not matter as most of the Scottish people live in England anyway.

  georgemac © 19:01 09 Nov 2007

I have been watching the news today and it said the athletes village will be used as housing afterwards, and would have been built anyway regardless of the 2014 games, as is the case with many of the new facilities. A lot of existing facilities are going to be used, Hampden, Parkhead and Ibrox included. click here

What we need to do is ensure we provide decent sporting facilities for our young people if we want to encourage participation in sport and a more active healthsytle. Our nearest town has a 30 year old swimming pool which is badly needing replaced - an all weather athletics track has been talked about for years but nothing on the horizon - this is what we need to invest in. And invest is after school sports clubs for the kids.

I hope we make a really good job of the "friendly games"

  Quickbeam 19:01 09 Nov 2007

That's not a problem for me. I'll be able to afford to attend the track & field finals in Glasgow... I won't be able to afford that privilege at the London 2012 Olympics:)

I'll get my (taxpayers) monies worth!

  georgemac © 19:04 09 Nov 2007

If we want to continue to live in a United Kingdom, we have to accept this. I Live in an area with no public transport, but contribute to this like every other taxpayer - huge sums are being invested in public transport South of the border, particularly in London and the South East, and I will also be contributing to the cost of the London 2012 Olympics which I alos hope are a huge success.

Swings and roundabouts methinks

  Bingalau 19:07 09 Nov 2007

Quickbeam. I'm sure the Scottish people will ensure the games are a rousing success. Enjoy them, I hope they get lots of TV coverage. I will probably be to old to travel up there by then. (unless someone perfects a jet propelled wheelchair). There's a thought ... Will anyone be able to afford the cost of petrol to travel to the games?

  Forum Editor 19:07 09 Nov 2007

"...most of the Scottish people live in England anyway"

Got any statistical evidence to support that statement?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:08 09 Nov 2007

As the Scots have been bleating about independence, now would be a good time to start with the financing of the games


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