Glasgow needs a spec savers

  carver 12:51 17 Mar 2013

Honestly the thing is 2ft high and some body just walked off with it enter link description here it isn't as though you can just put it in a bag or in a coat pocket and I believe you would look a bit suspicious with it shoved up your jumper.

  spuds 15:11 17 Mar 2013

The thing that would concern me the most, is how a children's charity might afford £10.000 designer egg as a fund raising gimmick, and at the same time, apparently have no safeguard in action?.

The next questions: Was this a prank - Will it be on an auction website - Was this mistaken for a Cadburys egg with the fancy wrappers - Or was there a conspiracy?.

  carver 16:09 17 Mar 2013

spider9 thank you for making my afternoon, there is still humour out there and spuds the police have issued an identiphoto enter link description here

  fourm member 16:31 17 Mar 2013

Given the Scots understanding of nutrition, I'm expecting to hear about cases of fibreglass poisoning.

What does a deep-fried fibreglass Easter egg taste like?

  spuds 17:16 17 Mar 2013

fourm member- I was going to add similar comments, but thought that the humour or intent would not be appreciated?.

  fourm member 17:47 17 Mar 2013


I can't bring any of them to mind but I know I've read stories about things getting stolen because the thieves didn't realise they were fakes.

  rickf 19:09 17 Mar 2013

On a more serious not what has this country and it's people become. It's sad!

  rickf 19:13 17 Mar 2013

Meant to add that treating it with humour seems to me to excuse the culprit/s. Part of problem is society has a tendency to see the funny side of things. I do think humour has its place but not when it's outright theft and a total disrespect for others' property.

  carver 19:28 17 Mar 2013

rickf sometimes you have to resort to humour because other wise how do you cope with this sad world.

  Woolwell 19:59 17 Mar 2013

spuds - There are 101 (now 100) giant eggs the bigegghunt. I suggest that they were all donated and are due to be auctioned at the end. I don't know where it was but inside a shopping mall or shop would seem likely so safeguarding it shouldn't have been a problem.

On a lighter note has Aitchbee seen it on his bus or at the pub or bookies?

  Bing.alau 21:09 17 Mar 2013

I was thinking that Aitchbee has been suspiciously quiet about this. I bet he's got it hidden behind one of his aspidestra's, on his balcony.

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