Glasgow Airport ~ an observation

  wee eddie 09:54 03 Jul 2007

I've been away over the weekend and so missed most of the furore, but have read the posts on this subject. I have not seen this aspect covered, so an apology if it has and I missed it.

The Cherokee Jeep burned for a considerable length of time and the frontage of the Airport was cosmetically damaged. Quite badly but basically cosmetic.

There was a Fire Engine there, one of Paisley's finest, squirting what appeared to be water at the Jeep, probably petrol, oil and gas, and it burned, and it burned, and it burned.

Now we are talking about an International Airport here, with an Emergency Service that is capable of putting out the burning engines of Jumbo Jet with their special Fire Retardant Foam, dispensed from a cab mounted nozzle of a special Tender, they have several of them and they're capable of covering a Runway with a foot of that Fire Retardant Foam in a matter of a few minutes.

The Question: Why did they allow the Jeep to burn and cause all that damage?

I am tempted to think that as it was pretty harmless and made good Press Coverage, they went with the story, but they wouldn't do that, would they?

  Al94 10:17 03 Jul 2007

I wondered exactly the same thing - can understand your cynicism. An airport fire tender could have extinguished that in seconds but there is maybe some issue with "airside" incidents as oposed to "landside". If that is the case then it is something the airport authorities need to look at.

  Bingalau 10:56 03 Jul 2007

I also wondered about that. Maybe the airside fire appliances are not allowed to trespass on to part of the area that is not in their remit. Bloody foolish if that is the case of course, but we don't want the outside fire bobbies going on strike do we?

  Mac70 11:00 03 Jul 2007

The airport tenders did turn up eventually, though why not immediately is beyond me.

  interzone55 11:37 03 Jul 2007

I'm thinking that it may have taken some considerable time to get the airside tenders to the front of the terminal building.

It was probably quicker to get the standard fire-engines there and start putting the fire out.

  wee eddie 12:45 03 Jul 2007

Both your points, excepting the one about Lines of Demarcation, had occurred to me.

There is gated access to the Air-Side less than 200 yards away, if I remember rightly, and the Tender that dealt with the Fire was from Paisley, so I have been told, which is several miles away!

I'm building up a fair old Conspiracy Theory here, aren't I.

  Al94 13:08 03 Jul 2007

Quote from this site click here Glasgow Airport Fires Service
"Role of the Airport Fire Service (AFS)

The role of the AFS is far more extensive than their primary objective of dealing with aircraft accidents. The service answers all fire alarm calls in the airport terminal and associated buildings; medical emergencies where they give life saving first aid until the Scottish Ambulance Service arrives; road traffic accidents on the airport and deal with hazardous chemical spillages or damaged radio-active consignments."


"We are proud that, in line with the rest of BAA plc fire and rescue service, Glasgow Airport meets and exceeds the required standards. As well as the protection of life, aircraft and terminal buildings, additional challenges also include cargo facilities, rail, river and motorways, all requiring versatile skills and equipment."

  Cannuck 13:20 03 Jul 2007

They were probably told to stay on their side of the fence, just in case the attack at the front was only a diversion, and the aircraft were the main target,


  Bingalau 13:38 03 Jul 2007

Cannuck. Good point.. But surely they have more than one vehicle and aircraft approaching would have been diverted I expect.

  josie mayhem 13:49 03 Jul 2007

I can!

Due to the design of the air port foam fire tender.... If you think about it, they are designed to flood a very large plane along side a very large floor (runway) area in a very short time...

If you look at the design you have a firefighter who controling the nossel that is attached to a pivet arm which I should imagine has very little accurate aiming ability.... Just a general direction ability at a distance....

So if it only takes minutes to cover a very large area with foam, then the rate at which the foam is pumped through the nossel must be very quick indeed...

So first they would need the distance, and then one split second pull of the trigger and yeh you might have the car covered and the fire out... But you would then be left with foam everywhere covering a large surrounding area which would put everyone at risk as they tried to get through it to saftey... Slipping and sliding breaking bones and god knows what else...

But with a standard fire tender you can get close to it all, and control the direction and amount to put the fire out thus limiting other dangers once it's out....

  Al94 14:08 03 Jul 2007

Don't know why my link didn't work - put glasgow airport fire tender into Google and it's the first result, works from there. Describes all resources available

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