Given Wrong MOT for a second hand car.

  Ex plorer 15:03 18 Sep 2010

Hi A few weeks back I bought a Silver VAUXHALL ASTRA SILVER CAR 07 from a main dealer and paid cash.

After going through a load of signing papers the sales man went away and came back with the cars first MOT certificate and put it into the folder with the rest of the paper work.

About a week later I went through all the paper work and filed it away in single sheets.
I came across the MOT and saw it was for a BLACK VAUXHALL CORSA.

I rang the sales man who said he would send the correct one and asked me return the one I had, as he would send a stamped addressed envelope.

He rang me back this morning after numerous emails and a phone call to sort this out as time has dragged on.

He says that it’s not his fault but the MOT mechanics and that I should now take the car to my local DVLA so that they can see its an Astra and not a Corsa and I will be issued with a new MOT.

This means a round trip of 120miles and I do not want to go to Leeds, as I never travel very far or in congested places.

Personally I don’t see why I should be the one to do the correction of Vauxhalls mistake it can only be done on week days and its inconvenient.

I insured it as Vauxhall Astra car.

Why cant I take it to my local MOT station get a MOT and send the bill to Vauxhall WHERE i BOUGHT IT.

To take the car backto Vauxhall is a 140 mile round trip my son found it where he lives and I went to his house and he took me to look at it.

  jimo64 15:22 18 Sep 2010

i feel that thay made a mess , of your mot paperwork , so they should sort it not you, also you most likely have no insurance with out a valid mot , their must be some organization u could talk to if they will not sort it for you , without the mot your car is not road worthy .

  Grey Goo 15:36 18 Sep 2010

It's all computerised now. Surely the DVLA will not be able to match their description to the VIN. First step is to contact DVLA I should think, fair chance they will come down on the Dealer for being sloppy.

  Ex plorer 16:43 18 Sep 2010

I have been back in touch with the salesman and he was under the impression that the Registration Engine No was correct on my copy of the MOT with only the name of the car been wrong.

I pointed out that the MOT is for a BLACK CORSA and the engine number and registration are not for my ASTRA.

The MOT he has and cant let me have has my details (Reg and engine No) but with the Black CORSA name on it.

he assures me that my insurance will be OK as the Astra has a valid MOT with incorrect vehicle name the Corsa??

He never opened the email until I just told him about it with whats on my MOT.

  Ex plorer 16:49 18 Sep 2010

Grey Goo
I have looked up the DVLA number but I will wait till the salesman gets back on Monday.
He still says it will have to be taken to the local DVLA center

  morddwyd 17:28 18 Sep 2010

They have sold you a product which is not of the quality demanded i.e. they failed to supply you with a valid MoT Certificate.

Get in touch with Consumer Direct.

If the police ask to see it and you can't produce it within 7 days you face all sorts of penalties.

  jimo64 17:32 18 Sep 2010

Ex plorer

i would inform your insurance company, ask if their happy with this , i could be wrong but i no insurance company's like to get out of a claim if they can , so in your own interest's i would see how u stand using the car as is ,till u get it sorted , i would not go by the sales man what he says .

  mark2 18:23 18 Sep 2010


Why cant I take it to my local MOT station get a MOT and send the bill to Vauxhall WHERE i BOUGHT IT.

Have you spoken to the dealership where you bought it regarding this suggestion?

It is quite possibly your simplest way.

A tester only has a limited time to alter details he has entered after the test has been completed, a matter of a couple of days. He can't change the model tho, that has to be done by the local vosa office.

I had a similar problem last year, dvla details were incorrect, their listing had the 2 model names listed for it I picked the wrong one !

Skoda Octavia or Skoda Superb, dvla listed it as a Skoda octavia superb. Issued the paperwork as an Octavia, owner went ballistic it was a superb.

No identification badges on the vehicle, but his taxi plate listed it as a superb, shame he didn't leave that on for the test.
I personally took it to another testing station to sort it out.
Mistakes happen but as always it's how you respond to the mistake that matters to the customer, we can have a chat and a smile about it now, but at the time it didn't match his taxi plate so he wouldn't work.

The other point to consider, as it is a dealership involved, he may not have entered the final pass details onto the system, results in such places may be entered by the admin of the vts and he could get a batch of Mots to sign at the end of a busy shift.

  spuds 18:49 18 Sep 2010

Its all computerised now. If the dealer gave you the previous MOT certificate, then you should be able to look the vehicle up via the internet.

Personally I would contact the DVLA,

  dagbladet 18:50 18 Sep 2010

Ex plorer

I assume you have the vehicle registration certificate. If so go to the following DVLA run website click here and put in the vehicke Reg number and the document reference number. This page shows where to fine the doc ref number. click here

If that shows your vehicle has a valid MOT, you're fine, if not it's back to the dealer.

  spuds 18:57 18 Sep 2010

(something went wrong, transmitted before completion)

Personally I would contact the DVLA and ask their advice. You should have received the correct certificate for the vehicle, and the MOTer should have picked up any errors. I would suggest that this is the work of a sloppy salesman not checking their paperwork at time of sale.

Any MOT station should be able to check if the vehicle as an MOT, but they might require a fee for this service.

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