Given Good or Bad Advice

  flycatcher1 19:36 10 May 2013

These days I am loathe to give advice but has anyone received, or given good or bad advice?

Many years ago my Father, a bit of a stranger to me, having recently returned from King's Service in far off lands , walked me to the railway station. I was about to depart these shores and he gave me one piece of advice - Never borrow and never lend.

Sometimes I have failed to follow his advice which has resulted in loss of a little money but the making some good friends.

  fourm member 19:52 10 May 2013

My father didn't so much give advice as tell parables. He told a story about being caught in the wrong and how, by coming clean, he avoided much bigger problems if he'd lied and been found out.

I applied that advice many times in business. If we let a customer down, I didn't try and blame the trucking company or say the machine had broken down, I said we'd made a mistake. I've kept big contracts because the buyer said they knew we would always be straight.

  Ventad 19:55 10 May 2013

Before joining my first ship in the Royal Navy Following my "boys" training I was advised never to lend money to any person that asks to borrow money when you first arrive on your new ship as they are the ones who never pay it back. How right this advise was, every ship I joined someone always asked for a loan on the first day and I turned them down , and found out later that in most cases they were asking for a loan to pay of a previous loan.

  bumpkin 23:48 10 May 2013

I was told by my father when very young "never a lender or borrower be" Words of wisdom in some respects but not very realistic in todays world. He did have a mortgage but that does not count.

  oresome 15:29 11 May 2013

I think the best advice my father gave me was that it is better to be 5 minutes late in this world than 30 years too early in the next.

I often remembered it when travelling up and down the A1, with the majority of cars in the outside lane much too close to the car in front. A slight easing off in speed at the front of the bunch produced violent braking at the rear.

Travelling with the commercials at a steady 56mph was much less stressful and didn't add much to the journey time.

  flycatcher1 19:11 13 May 2013

I am disappointed with the number of posts. Never mind here is another one.

A friend of mine tells of his Father who lived in Sheffield and volunteered for the "Pals Battalion" in the First World War. All the volunteers and their families and well-wishers were assembled at the Railway Station waiting for the off. As the train pulled out of the station my friends Grandfather, with a stentorian voice, shouted " And don't forget to keep your bowels open".

  fourm member 20:03 13 May 2013


'I am disappointed with the number of posts.'

I wonder if people were put off by your inclusion of 'given' in your question.

It's a bit arrogant to claim that one has given someone excellent advice and they have benefited greatly by it.

There is a piece of advice I always follow though I don't remember who gave it to me. Only pick roadside blackberries from branches higher than the tallest dog. That's really a variant of don't eat yellow snow.

  Quickbeam 20:24 13 May 2013

I prefer the 'don't pick berries below knee height' variant, and leave the listener to figure it out after they've tasted them...

  Aitchbee 20:53 13 May 2013

I have said it before [in other posts], but my GP told me about 8 years ago, to trust nobody. I thought it was a bit strange at the time, but her advice [and her holistic approach to healing] has remained in the back-of-my-mind ever since.

  lotvic 21:21 13 May 2013

HB does that mean you can't trust her advice? Hmmm 'catch 22'

  Aitchbee 21:27 13 May 2013

lotvic - I'm still tryin' to figure out if it was good or bad advice ... I know what you're sayin' 'bout the Catch 22 thingy ;o]

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