That girl's got "guts galore"

  Bingalau 17:04 04 Nov 2007

Paula Radcliffe has just won the New York Marathon. Brilliant race with a brilliant finish...

  natdoor 18:15 04 Nov 2007

Sadly missed the race because of visitors. I am full of admiration and respect for Paula and others who, notwithstanding their talent, have the commitment and dedication to maximise their potential in their chosen activity.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:20 04 Nov 2007

To put this in perspective, I have just returned from my thrice weekly took me 57 minutes to run 6 miles and I was knackered...she ran over 4 times that distance in double the time :-(((


  Stuartli 18:20 04 Nov 2007

Paula and runner-up Gete Wami both produced a magnificent race.

The prize money wasn't to be sneezed at either...:-)

  Noldi 19:31 04 Nov 2007

She’s a great Lady
But it makes me wonder how some footballers can earn in a week what these athletes make in a year.


  spuds 19:35 04 Nov 2007

"57 minutes to run 6 miles", thats not a run, more like a steady walk (thinks Falklands et al ;o)).

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:36 04 Nov 2007

'thats not a run, more like a steady walk' legs would beg to differ ;-)


  Earthsea 20:04 04 Nov 2007

Assuming Beijing's fairly flat, I fully expect gold from her next year. Someone as good as her deserves it.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:41 04 Nov 2007

click here

as a rough guide.


  Forum Editor 23:22 04 Nov 2007

She'll have a problem breathing in Beijing, never mind getting a gold medal.

  Blackhat 23:48 04 Nov 2007

Paula has had her ups and downs over the years but has also had the courage to fight back and succeed where others may have given up. She should be seen as a great example to all sports people who loose the edge for a while, if you have it in you then you can come back.

I have completed 4 marathons in my time but never in less than 3 hours, so I know how much effort this kind of endurance event takes. To stay at the top for more than a few years in this sport takes an incredible amount of will power, self belief , physical effort and determination.

Well done Paula.

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