Ben 216 02:45 25 Mar 2007

I've been watching a thread in the Helproom, and it made me wonder:

How many people on PCA actually believe ghosts exist? And less specifically how many would agree that 'supernatural' events CAN and DO occur?

I'm guessing there'll be a fairly low number of 'believers' as this is a technical forum filled with Logical/Scientific minds.

However, I too am logically/scientifically minded, and yet I'm a firm believer.

So what do you think...?

  Forum Editor 09:30 25 Mar 2007

and at great length, and I doubt that many regular forum users are unaware of my own view - which is that ghosts do not exist, and that so-called 'supernatural events' always have a logical explanation.

  laurie53 09:48 25 Mar 2007

Believe in them, seen them (on the A1 actually!).

Another "event", we lived in a very old house in Cornwall. My son was only a toddler at the time but he would sometimes smile and crawl towards a corner of the room and sit there looking at the blank wall gurgling and smiling for minutes at a time. The dog would also sometimes get up and go over, wagging his tail (not always at the same time as my son). When some friends came to call, with a child the same age as my son, she also went to the corner, gurgling and smiling.

My wife and never felt anything untoward.

On a slightly different tack, also in Cornwall, there was a stretch of road which always gave my wife cold shivers when we went along it.

It got so bad that we would detour 5 miles because she felt so bad.

Turns out from local history that that was where they used to burn the witches!


  octal 10:15 25 Mar 2007

I don't believe in them myself because it's never been conclusively proved, it might sound a bit contradictory but I'm willing to keep an open mind if anyone can prove to me conclusively these events happen them I'll happily change my mind, it hasn't happened in 58 years, yet.

  Radix Lecti 10:36 25 Mar 2007

... I just can't resist!

So, why would anyone, other than a witch, get cold shivers going down that road?

Work it out, and tell me if you come to the same conclusion! ;-)

  johndrew 11:23 25 Mar 2007

I get cold shivers when my PC fails to do what I expect of it. I`m certain it is haunted as I can never see anything that I`ve done to cause the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Friday's Child 11:53 25 Mar 2007

As a non-practising Roman Catholic, I suppose that I should believe in them but I am a sceptic and so I don’t.
Like the FE, I think that there is a logical explanation for them and, like octal, I am prepared to be convinced if anyone does come up with proof
And yes on one occasion I did think that I had seen and even spoken to one but I still do not believe.

  laurie53 12:54 25 Mar 2007

This is really very much a personal thing, like whether you believe Microsoft has benfitted ther human race or not! You're either on one side, or the other,


  rodriguez 13:33 25 Mar 2007

With me it's "I'll believe it when I see it" - I don't really think there is anything like that and most cases where people have had encounters with ghosts are when strange things happen and their imagination makes them believe in ghosts etc. There are times when I've come back from the pub and it's been dark in here and I've thought I've seen something (this house is built on an old mine works), but I think it was my imagination. If I ever see one, without being drunk, I'll believe in it. :-D

  Jak_1 15:09 25 Mar 2007

The only ghosts live in bottles and they are called 'spirits' :)

  PP321 15:23 25 Mar 2007

i KNOW ghosts exist...because ive seen one, with a witness.

It wascompletely unexplainable by conventional means.

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