A ghost or a mind of it's own?

  josie mayhem 18:12 28 Nov 2005

I tend to leave my main computer on 24/7, and have some strange shenanigans. It have left me wondering at times weather I have actually got a ghost or have I've built an intelligent computer with a mind of it's own!!

When the computer is left alone, then all sorts of strange things start to happen! Media player will decide that it wants to start up and play music, I would believe that this was a bug, if when it kick in it played my loaded list, but it can play anything from the music library and the play list says something totally different. This can happen any time day or night! And happens when I'm home alone!

I've come into my office many a time in the morning to find that several different applications have loaded, no patterns to what or when something is started. Could be anything that I have on my computer.

Have I yet again got another property with a ghost. I've already owned one place that had a ghost and some very amazing and wried things used to happen, even though it never frightened me (and I'm a person that doesn't watch horror films, except the good old fashion hammer house of horror ones)the only way it effected me, was I couldn't put the car in the garage after dark (sadly that where the ghost/person decided that they had enough of living)and I felt uncomfortable any time of the day with in that space.

so have I've got another ghost that is computer literate? or is this just a wried bug in the system?

  SG Atlantis 18:19 28 Nov 2005

could your system be controlled by a hacker or someting?

  josie mayhem 19:05 28 Nov 2005


I've checked that one out, as the computer does belong to a home network, my router has it's own fire wall, all my anti-viruses ect are all up-date. I've also done a stealth check which shows that I can't be seen. And none of my other computers do this.

  Dan the Doctus 19:07 28 Nov 2005

I suppose it could be something like click here Does anyone else use your PC?

On the other hand, maybe you could hire a computer exorcist! (If there is such a thing.)

I've never encountered a ghost before, but when I was a student I did go to a séance once and watched a glass move on it's own on a Ouija board - I'm too scared to say what it spelt!

  amonra 20:05 28 Nov 2005

The totally random nature of the events is the main clue. It is more than likely due to spikes of interference being generated by a nearby appliance and getting on to the wiring of the mouse/keyboard/scanner etc. Make sure the wiring of the computer perifs is kept well away from all electrical cables. It may be worth disconnecting the various items (one at a time) and see if the trouble recurs. Let us know the result, one knock for yes , . . . . .

  josie mayhem 20:24 28 Nov 2005

Nope, no-one else uses my computer.

amonra, you haven't seen under my desk! To keep one set of wires from another is neigh impossible. But you could be very close to the problem, there more kit in here than I know what to do with. But apart from the printer and the router everything else is turned off at night!

But living with what seemed to be a friendly ghost wasn't that bad! Only once did I end up diving under the covers, when I woke one night with the sense that some-one (adult) was standing over me (me having my back to them gulp)and indeed when I turned over I could make out a shadowy figure in the dark, straight under the covers until daylight broke.

The only other actual sighting, was by my son who at the time was about 2 1/2 years old, one breakfast time he asked who the man was? that had just walk into the lounge, it couldn't have been his dad because he was at work, and when I checked there was no-one there.....

I am hoping that if a ghost, then all the shenanigans is them trying to resolve why wont my agp graphic card work in this computer, and causing blank screen, when I try to use it what ever I try to do or how I try to install drivers etc.

  g0nvs 21:36 28 Nov 2005

Could be "Norton Ghost" installed.

  Forum Editor 22:20 28 Nov 2005

There are no such things as ghosts. Figments of peoples' vivid imaginations. I thought everyone knew that.

  Canis meus id co 23:05 28 Nov 2005

And now FE, you're onto the topic of beliefs.

As you've said, it's dangerous ground.

  spuds 23:28 28 Nov 2005

I once asked a highly qualified person in the medical profession about his views on ghosts and the paranormal. His reply "Do you want my medical opinion or my personal opinion".Turned out to be a very good discussion.

  Forum Editor 23:56 28 Nov 2005

Not beliefs - fact. No dangerous ground at all.

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