The Brigadier 15:00 22 Feb 2009

Off to the gym this morning 45 minutes of exercise.
Came home had breakfast & went to bed for 2 hours!
Think i'm getting old as well as being VERY unfit.
Dont think i would pass the HMForces Basic Fitness Test!

  sunnystaines 15:17 22 Feb 2009

take it easy at your age and do a little at first building it up as you get fitter. Sounds like you over did it and will be stiff tomorrow.

What did you do as exercise.

  The Brigadier 15:34 22 Feb 2009

Walked at 5kph for 10 mins, 5.5kph for 10 mins & 6.5kph for 10 mins with 5 min cool down.
Followed by 10 minutes on a cross trainer.
Did over do it, but am unfit compared to a few years ago!

  canarieslover 15:46 22 Feb 2009

Get a bike. At least you can sit down while exercising!!

  laurie53 19:00 22 Feb 2009

It's the crosstrainer that does it every time (nothing personal!)

I used to do a whole range of activities in our local sports institute, but I always finished on the crosstrainer because I knew I'd be fit for nothing after that

  Kemistri 19:13 22 Feb 2009

You might find it easier to focus on fixing any dietary shortcomings first, while building up the exercise gently. I think a lot of people seem to neglect that and forget that they might not be eating right. And if you don't eat right, exercise is a lot harder. I'm not assuming anything though - you might eat very healthily already - but going to bed after breakfast doesn't sound too good.

Regular walks would be good if you're not doing that already. And go and talk to an expert who deals with fitness for your age group and have your GP check you over. That's really important.

  ronalddonald 00:02 23 Feb 2009

can i recommend a book: 8 Minutes in the morning by Jorge Cruise. Hes done other books as well. Give it a try escpecailly the excercises and and c how you do.

  Chegs ®™ 03:57 23 Feb 2009

Your not the only one who went back to bed this morning,I decided to walk into town and on returning I went to bed.

I used to walk miles everyday,even after passing my driving test I still preferred to walk everywhere.I smoke and had promised myself to quit soon as I found I could no longer walk wherever I felt the need.Today was torture so I will be lowering the amount I smoke (with a view to quitting eventually) and resume leaving the car and walking everywhere.The dog will no doubt start wondering,my daughter will no doubt insist I dont need to walk with her to school,and my GF will probably resume whinging about all the walking(this was a prime reason why I ceased walking as much)I last went to a gym about 12yrs ago,and was only to collect a passenger as I refuse to pay for excercising when I live on the edge of the Lake District and there's so many places I can visit(even if they are a long walk away)

  Bingalau 08:14 23 Feb 2009

Brigadier. I used to go to the gym quite a lot even though I have always stayed reasonably fit. I stopped going because I found it was so damn boring. But in its place I took up "Line Dancing" and I would recommend this to anyone no matter their age, for a way of keeping fit. I had never danced a step of any type in my life, preferring to lean on the bar at socials etc. But now I go three times a week and exercise non-stop for about an hour and a half to two hours without stopping. What's more it is a damn good laugh, just remember when you go wrong the others are laughing with you and not at you. You can google for a local class or I can find one in your area if you like. (By the way in my opinion, it is not suitable for smokers).

  DieSse 11:25 23 Feb 2009

As the man said (attrib. Robert M. Hutchins)

"Whenever I feel like exercising - I go and lie down until the feeling passes off"


  The Brigadier 11:43 23 Feb 2009

Need to get CV fit, shed a about 10kg & eat better.
All possible if you put your mind to it!

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