Get the Turkey Ordered!

  morddwyd 19:38 29 Aug 2010

That's it.

Ground frost forecast for tonight, snow on high ground.

Wake me up in March!

  rawprawn 19:44 29 Aug 2010

Yesterday early morning was beautiful and it "Smelled" really Autumnal for me here in Yorkshire. The two seasons I really love are Spring and Autumn.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:55 29 Aug 2010

I thought you were going to print the "C" word before the 1st of the 12th watershed and incur the wrath of the FE.


  MAJ 21:49 29 Aug 2010

Mrs. MAJ mentioned the C word yesterday when see saw me looking at some new outboard engines on the web. I think my reply negated any chance I had of getting one, it's not even September yet, for pity's sake.
morddwyd, I did notice a very slight frost on my car's back window, th'other morning, it was almost imperceptible, but it was there. I love Autumn and Winter, it's when I get my best fishing done. See you in March.

  wiz-king 20:16 30 Aug 2010

Already ordered my dinner - been feeding if for a few months - its being guard goose at a stables near me and carries a mean peck.

  rdave13 21:01 30 Aug 2010

Start talking to it whilst feeding it. Get to be 'chummy' then kill it yourself and feel 'yummy'.
Wouldn't like to eat a 'friend' personally. 8-(

  rdave13 22:10 30 Aug 2010

Today the sun was actually 'burning' the skin if you stood outside for more than an hour. No wind and actually felt like the summers of the past in n. Wales.
Indian summer perhaps?

  Armchair 10:24 31 Aug 2010

Noticed a display of Yuletide puddings and cakes in Marks and Spencer.

  Bingalau 11:13 31 Aug 2010

With the way my neck is developing, I'm afraaid to venture out these days in case I get mistaken for a turkey... gobble-gobble-gobble

  Noldi 11:50 31 Aug 2010

click here

Picture 3/8 is a road normally packed with motor cyclist in August. Last Thursday it was 30 Deg.


  ronalddonald 12:03 31 Aug 2010

gobble gobble and more gobble, we turkey are going to see our turkey union rep gobble to you to.

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