get rid of the worker bee's and keep the drones

  lofty29 10:06 03 Sep 2009

I saw on the beeb news this morning that the government has spent yet more money on management consultants reports, which I expect cost a small fortune, which was to save the NHS money, which recommended getting rid of 10% of the GP's, hospital doctors, and nurses, this has been binned of course. No mention of getting rid of 50% of the admin, or cutting out the waste and paperwork, I would have given a report to save money without charging a penny, it would have contained the admin, waste and stopping the spongers abusing the system, such as stopping people on benifits going abroad to have their eye colour changed and then the NHS having to put the problems caused put right.

  Colin 12:57 03 Sep 2009

This reminds me of a Dilbert comic strip where the company hired a consultant to tell them they’re hiring too many consultants!

  oresome 13:07 03 Sep 2009

It seems rather pointless commissioning a report and then dismissing the findings if they don't reinforce your preconceived ideas.

The NHS is a very large employer and I'm sure efficiencies could be made in every department.

  peter99co 21:22 03 Sep 2009

Sir Gerry Robinson, the businessman who presented a BBC series about the NHS, said he saw an "enormous amount of waste" and jobs should go.

He added he was "infuriated" by yet another report, which cost a lot of money and "tells you the obvious".

"You wonder at the mindset behind getting a report like that and then saying because it is not politically acceptable, we are not actually going to do anything with it,"

"It's infuriating, the way the government handles the NHS and the way the opposition handles the game that gets played."

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  Armchair 22:24 03 Sep 2009

The sooner they create robot doctors, the better.

  DANZIG 23:46 03 Sep 2009

How about charging a fiver to see your GP?

Of course the unemployed, elderly etc etc would get it for nothing, but for people such as myself. Full time employed, modest income, fairly healthy - what would the problem be? Might generate a few quid

  rdave13 00:53 04 Sep 2009

"Might generate a few quid" as will a lot of other revenue sneakily put upon joe public. Won't call it tax, though, in case it's the thin end of the wedge that starts as a 'small' cost but will undoubtedly end up a burden.

  laurie53 07:49 04 Sep 2009

How stupid.

Imagine employing consultants who do not come up with the results you wanted.

Basic management failure.

  Kevscar1 07:54 04 Sep 2009

and you'd be moaning just as much if they followed the consultants advice by sacking doctors and nurses.

  Helen. 08:03 04 Sep 2009

What a good idea


No doubt they would have to set up a new headquarters and hundreds of staff to do the administration work plus a whole new computer program and network, a couple of hundred million squid to make it work.

Look what happened when they wanted to put everyones records on a national data base. £12.4Billion
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