Get off the pavement!!

  spuds 18:17 09 Mar 2011

There as been some recent news regarding pavement parking and obstruction by vehicles, and a number of media publications carried the information in various forms and length. Here is one such mention. click here

Does your council know about this, and the powers and responsibilities involved, and if so, will they or do they intend to act?.

Consider further, that some councils will give out fines, if you leave bins and containers out or on the pavements, causing a possible obstruction or nuisance, after the usual collecting day procedures!.

  octal 18:36 09 Mar 2011

A few years ago when I was walking home from work there was a Muppet parked right on the pavement like the one in that article which was on a very busy main road. Coming the other way there was a mum with a pushchair, there was just room to get through but not without scraping down the side of the car, go girl go, I didn't see a thing.

  Quickbeam 18:42 09 Mar 2011

A lot of it's down to employees that now take vans home at night and don't have off street parking for them.

At one time all council vans were parked in the council yard every night. Now they're all over the borough in everyones way. The same goes for all other utility service vans, that's an awful lot of extra on street parking spaces taken up compared to 20 or so years ago when an average of less than one car per house was the norm.

And if they don't park them half on the pavement, there is a possibly worse obstruction problem for emergency vehicles accessing a congested street.

  sunnystaines 18:48 09 Mar 2011

years ago dustbinmen went down you alley collected the bin then put in back.

these days if its not on the public foot way they will not touch, do not even return it.

if i left my bin just inside my gate in full view to prevent obstruction they will ignore it, even if the gate was wide open they are that lazy.

they work at a rat race pace every second seems to count

  birdface 19:54 09 Mar 2011

60 years ago there were few cars on the road and as more and more cars came along the streets were not built any wider, and are the same width as they were 60 years ago.
So much for forward planning.

  spuds 20:09 09 Mar 2011

But have your local council took any initiatives in remedying the problem of pavement parking and obstruction?.

Have they perhaps used the following:

Its not our responsibility.

We have no funding to implement.

Contact the police.

We do not have the powers yet.

We know nothing about this.

  SparkyJack 20:22 09 Mar 2011

So that even if informed the authority may not be able to act promptly enough.
If it is a repeated offence by the same individual then they may take action.
My road has a grass verge- at intervals are placed signs to prohibit parking on the verge with a penalty if caught - so rogue parker s ignore the signs.
So some folk have asked the council to place timber 'bollards' out side their properties- it does cost the resident to have it done - but it sure stops the parking.

  morddwyd 21:25 09 Mar 2011

I come across this often when I'm out on my mobility scooter.

I invariably call the police with the vehicle registration number.

While parking may have been de-criminalised, driving on the pavement has not, and you can't park on it without driving on it.

One of the problems with a mobility scooter is that you have reverse along a sometimes crowded pavement for often around two hundred yards, but soemtimes much further, to find a pavement "drop" you can use.

You then have to travel at least twice as far, sometimes further, along a busy road at 4 mph until you can find another "drop" so that you can regain the pavement.

In fact you should not be on the road at all unless you have a Class 3 (road legal) scooter, so technically anyone with a Class 2 scooter either sits and waits, or reverses all the way home again!

  WhiteTruckMan 22:28 09 Mar 2011

I have to drive on the pavement every time I enter or exit my driveway, via a proper pavement 'drop', so it's not as clear cut as all that.


  Miké 22:55 09 Mar 2011

The day cyclists are fined for riding on footpaths, will be the day I stop parking on paths!

  morddwyd 08:22 10 Mar 2011

"I have to drive on the pavement every time I enter or exit my driveway"

I must say that's rather a silly thing to say.

You might as well prosecute people who use level crossings for driving on the railway.

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