Get Our Cossetted Prisoners To Clear The Snow.

  Big L 266 09:03 09 Dec 2010


It has occurred to me that there are thousands of fit men and women in prison with nothing much to do all day. As they're well-fed, have free heating, lighting and accommodation and appear to have little else to do, (and far better off than most of our pensioners,) why not take several hundred of the fittest from their cells, bus them in to Edinburgh and get them clearing the snow?

It would certainly give our bone-idle waste-of-space prisoners and general dregs of society population something to do for the next few days instead of being cossetted as they are now.

If it worked there, perhaps it could be extended to any other areas who need help. After all, many of our back streets remain untouched. What better use of resources could there be based on the 'we're all in together' approach by this current coalition?

Just a thought....

Big L 266

  gengiscant 09:17 09 Dec 2010

How dare you suggest that our prison population should perhaps give something back to society.
Do you not realize that our prisons are full of innocent people, who have been wronged by the justice system and society in general.

Let them be, allow them to enjoy the three hot meals, the warm environment, the flat screen TV's(up here in Scotland) the games consoles,the drink and the drugs.

Many of our inmates have very valid reasons for acting the way they do, if you believe the many do-gooders that society has also spawned, broken homes,unhappy childhoods, low self esteem,poorly educated. So I think it is rather unfair of you to expect the little darlings to clean the snow from our streets.

Next you will be suggesting orange overalls and leg irons, now theres a thought. LOL

  carver 09:24 09 Dec 2010

I know, give the prisoner who in jail can be considered dangerous with a plastic fork, a nice big heavy spade.

Think about it properly, if one of those prisoners made a run for it the wardens wouldn't be able to give chase in case they slipped in the snow and sued the prison authority's.

  Big L 266 09:41 09 Dec 2010


gengiscant....Ooops, sorry, I forgot that everyone in jail is innocent!I also forgot some silly person gave them 'human rights' as well as civil rights. You're right, we can't have their rights overruled can we? Imagine all the compensation claims from broken hang-nails, scraped hands, blisters and cuts clogging up the legal system for the next 10 years! Not to mention being deprived of their civil liberties and rights to free everything! Nope, its not a good idea after all - can't have them ruling the roosts we taxpayers pay to keep them in!

As for the orange overalls and leg-irons - no, wouldn't work - one of them would complain about the reintroduction of slavery and the fact that orange isn't their colour and leg-irons are not a fashion accessory!

"Norman Stanley Fletcher......"

  Armchair 20:16 09 Dec 2010

If I was in prison (I never have been, mind!), I would refuse to do such work, and devil hang the consequences.

  jakimo 21:04 09 Dec 2010

are you one of those that suffer with lazyitis

  Armchair 21:19 09 Dec 2010

I wouldn't call it suffering.

  Forum Editor 22:58 09 Dec 2010

of the fittest from their cells"

Think about it for a moment, and you'll realise how unworkable that would be. Several hundred fit criminals out of prison with weapons in their hands. Close supervision would involve dozens of guards, and disruption in the city. The cost to the taxpayer would be prohibitive, quite apart from the danger to the public.

  peter99co 23:14 09 Dec 2010

The chain gang option always appeals to me but then again I am old fashioned.

  KremmenUK 09:29 10 Dec 2010

OK, get them out in prison yard for a few hours in the sub zero temperatures.

Prison should be prison and not a holiday camp.

  ella33 09:43 10 Dec 2010

In fact prioners who are due for release in the next couple of years do work release programmes, for the benefit of the community and to prepare to return to the outside world, so properly organised, it could be a good thing. Those people would have a lot to lose (eg release date) if they absconded/committed a crime, so there should not be too many problems of that kind.

It would not be a good idea to let hundreds of dangerous criminals loose, or there would be problems.

I have worked in places where prisoners have come for work experience and it has worked pretty well.

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