get the criminal shaking in their boots

  Seth Haniel 10:44 07 Apr 2009

Uninsured driver banned for a week
Great Deterent!!!

click here

  (~oo~) 10:56 07 Apr 2009

They should do the same with those who use a mobile phone or try to read whilst driving.

  Noldi 10:57 07 Apr 2009

£15 victim surcharge thats a bit steep.


  peter99co 11:58 07 Apr 2009

It made me wonder what he was doing to make the police stop him in the first place.

  birdface 12:21 07 Apr 2009

You don't have to be doing anything wrong.Police can check the license plate number now in a matter of seconds.It shows who owns the car and whether there is any Insurance or MOT on the car.
Sounds like a bit of a cock up with the insurance if they never notified him that they had stopped the cover for it.

  Chegs ®™ 13:18 07 Apr 2009

While watching programs such as Traffic Cops,it seems to be a common practise to take out insurance to obtain a cover-note and then cancel the payments but refuse to hand back the cover-note.Perhaps this guy did the same but claimed he didnt realise he'd missed a payment.

  BT 16:44 07 Apr 2009

'Cover Notes' i.e. those temporary certificates that USED to be issued before the full insurance certificates were issued are not normally provided any more.
I realise what you are saying having seen the programmes you are referring to, and it does seem to be a common fraud these days. It was probably easy to get away with before the computerised database to which Police etc. now have access. It would seem the only way to prevent it would be to do away with monthly payments which would penalise many honest drivers, but it would solve the problem of the many thousands of uninsured drivers on our roads.

  PalaeoBill 18:41 07 Apr 2009

My sister was stopped recently and forced to sit in the back of a police car while a oaf of a police officer attempted to browbeat her into admitting she didn't have any insurance. His computer said she didn't have any, the AA certificate in her hadbag said she did. He wouldn't call the AA as she requested or let her do so and he held her for over half an hour eventually reducing her to tears.
His computer was wrong, the database wasn't up to date. She has had insurance on that car with the AA continuously for the last 4 years so it wasn't a simple update error, the police database is not complete.
He still hasn't apologized to her.

  lofty29 16:00 08 Apr 2009

there are mindless coppers as in any other walk of life, they are I believe supposed to cross check in cases of doubt, her best bet is to register a complaint against him with his chief constable

  Ranger 16:19 09 Apr 2009


same type of thing happened to my son, only he had the Insurance document in the house and didn't have a key to get in, he had to call us and tell us to come home as quick as possible as he was going to be taken to the police station and charged if we didn't arrive home within 30 mins, fortunately we were only 20mins into our journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh. The attitude of the police even after we got the policy and past policies was so bad that even my wife started to lose the rag with them and they then threatened to arrest her, honestly it was nuts, and again all because their database wasnt correct even though they were adamant this couldn't happen

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