German Motorways

  Al94 15:19 20 Jul 2009

The last time I drove on an Autobahn,probably doing about 90/100mph in the slow lane with BMWs Mercs etc flashing past me,I passed the comment that when they had accidents, they must be bloody big ones - seems like they are click here

  Quickbeam 15:51 20 Jul 2009

Whenever I've driven on an autobahn, I've felt if I drive at less than 100mph, I'm considered to be a slow moving danger. When I've pushed the speed up to their idea of a safe cruising speed, I'm just moving with the flow.

But no matter how fast you do go, their always a Mercedes that's up your arse within seconds!

  [email protected] 18:30 20 Jul 2009

I'm not one for favouring the nanny state, but I think the absence of a speed limit on the Autobahns is a step too far. There will always be those who abuse the privilege.

  Quickbeam 18:44 20 Jul 2009

It seems they consider it as much a right to speed to excess as Americans believe in their right to bear arms click here

  [email protected] 18:54 20 Jul 2009

Surely they don't need to use the excuse of the environment as a reason for introducing a speed limit!

  Noldi 19:09 20 Jul 2009

If you want mass pile-ups go to Italy when it’s foggy.

Last weekend I drove several hundred miles on Autobahn and it was a delight to cruise at 160 kmh (100mph), which is no problem for a modern road car (2.0 diesel).

I will say though the A5 that runs down to Basel I would not do more the 50 kmh (30 mph) in the slow lane when its raining the ruts the lorries leave are full of water just look at all the holes in the hedge.


  laurie53 19:39 20 Jul 2009

"their always a Mercedes that's up your arse within seconds!"

That's because the Germans do not have any hang-ups about being overtaken. If a German is doing 120 and you come up behind him/her at 122 they will move over as soon as they can. That includes the police!

  Noldi 20:02 20 Jul 2009

"their always a Mercedes that's up your arse within seconds!"

If you are observant then you should have seen him coming a while before.

A week on Friday I have to drive over 1000 km back to England and I have to admit the part im dreading is the English leg with people sitting in the middle lane oblivious to what is happening around them, totally unaware of what is going on around them. The French will wind me up following and not overtaking but the middle lane sitters will take the biscuit.


  peter99co 20:51 20 Jul 2009

At least the drivers move over from the fast lane when an overtake is complete.

  peter99co 20:55 20 Jul 2009

Should have said in Germany they do exit from the fast lane when overtake complete

  Quickbeam 20:58 20 Jul 2009

"If you are observant then you should have seen him coming a while before."

You look into the rear view mirror, you can't see anything within a mile behind, you indicate, you pull out, you're halfway past the car that's only doing 120 mph, and there he is, that Hun wearing a Pickelhelm in his Mercedes!!!

Here's the very chappie click here

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