George Michael Ends up in Jail!

  Uboat 22:05 14 Sep 2010

Toilets in florida stoned whilst driving amongst other things, i love this guy he's amazing a real artist but he had too learn his lessons in life!

whats your thoughts?

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  lotvic 22:12 14 Sep 2010

I think we should be thankful he did not kill or injure an innocent member of the public because of his stupid behaviour. He should have been banned from driving for life not just for 5 years.

  Strawballs 22:20 14 Sep 2010

It's about time he is famous for these antics

  Forum Editor 22:43 14 Sep 2010

and when you're addicted you don't always behave rationally or responsibly. People who are high on drugs do stupid things all the time, but because they're not famous we don't hear about it.

George Michael will serve a few weeks in prison, and his life will resume. I predict that he will continue to use Cannabis, or whatever it is he uses, and he will continue to make large amounts of money.

  wids001 07:04 15 Sep 2010

Apparently after he was charged with this offence he took the decision to stop driving. Presumably he now employs a chauffer.

  michaelw 08:39 15 Sep 2010

Sending him to prison surrounded by big beefy men will be to him like a chocoholic in the Cadbury's factory.

  interzone55 08:52 15 Sep 2010

"Apparently after he was charged with this offence he took the decision to stop driving"

He had no choice, he was given an immediate 6 month ban pending the hearing.

George Michael, like many similar celebrities, is a casualty of our increasingly fame obsessed media, where stars are held aloft for a short spell then rapidly dropped when someone new and prettier comes along. Once fawned over, they become lonely and abuse the drugs that once sustained them.

I confidently predict that Lady Gaga will be in a very similar position this time next year...

  Uboat 09:55 15 Sep 2010

And the same as the stones and amy winehouse and many more singers/groups for generations, its the one's that get caught that should make a impression to other celeb's that they are NOT untouchable by the law!

  bri-an 09:55 15 Sep 2010

"Toilets in florida stoned whilst driving amongst other things.."

Arrest these toilets immediately! - and move the 'other things' out of their way. (;-0)

  morddwyd 10:56 15 Sep 2010

Nice one bri-an!

I've had a bad night and you've just improved things no end!

  bri-an 11:07 15 Sep 2010

Glad to be of service!

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