George Galloway

  flycatcher1 14:55 31 Mar 2012

Surprised that no comment has been made about the Bradford Election Result. At least Ed did not have to queue up for petrol to enable him to drive up North for the Victory Parade.

I laughed when I heard a BBC R4 Presenter ranting that the result was bad for the Tories, which it was, bad for the Lib.Dems, even worse, but could hardly bring himself to mention that it was a disaster for Labour.

  proudfoot 15:22 31 Mar 2012

There is an excellent article by Max Hastings in todays Daily Mail explaining the situation. To sumarise, we in the UK, the rest of Europe and most other countries of the world are ruled by a load of self serving plonkers most whome have never worked in the real world or held a responsible job and couldn't organise to put it politely, a decent party in a brewery. They would give 10 reasons why it failed and blame every one else but themselves.

  sunnystaines 16:19 31 Mar 2012

what on earth did the immigrants see in galoaway

  john bunyan 16:32 31 Mar 2012


He has always courted the militant Muslim vote - remember him toadying up to Saddam Hussain? He has also been very partisan and anti Israeli to an extreme degree. His party wants to go back to the "Clause 4" days of Labour. I heard one if their stalwarts being asked repeatedly if she approved of the recent killing of British troops by the turncoat Afghan officer recently. She said she disapproved of all violence and quickly cited the US killing of Afghan civilians. There seems little doubt Galloway is seen by many Muslims as a spokesman for their more radical elements.

  Aitchbee 17:12 31 Mar 2012

Alex Salmond has got a serious rival in the popularity stakes, in the guise of George Galloway...18,000 English citizens (voters) can testify to that fact.

  Joseph Kerr 20:38 31 Mar 2012

Pffft. Galloway will cop it one way or other just for being himself.

  morddwyd 21:03 31 Mar 2012

While he is a total buffoon publicly, it seems he is widely regarded by his peers as a very able politician.

I heard a senior party figure say yesterday that he could always expect to see the House of Commons crowded when Galloway was expected to speak.

It is also expected that both front benches are not looking forward to his return!

Even allowing for the fact that this was a mid term bye-election in a high Muslim constituency, how Ed Milliband could contrive to lose an 8,000 majority in a week when things could hardly have got worse for the Tories is beyond me!

  Al94 21:25 31 Mar 2012

morddwyd, you answered your question in two words - Ed Milliband.

  WhiteTruckMan 07:05 01 Apr 2012

Well I view him as just another carpetbagging chancer who got tossed out of one constituency for his views then went searching round for another one to settle on. First glasgow, then bethnal green, an attempt on limehouse and now bradford. He's like a touring snake oil salesman always looking for a fresh pitch.

He puts up a good line of bluster and panders to elements in our society that are less than desireable but I for one will neither forgive nor forget his humble toadying to the tyrant hussain.

He represents an extreme element in politics, just like nick griffin does, and in my view he is just as acceptable. (One reason galloway has been sucessful in parliamentary elections compared to griffin is that his core support tends to be clumped together in large enough groups to make a difference in polls, whereas griffins supporters tend to be more thinly spread).


  proudfoot 10:10 01 Apr 2012

Forum Member. The point I was making was the electorate are disallusioned with all polititions whether they are at Westminster or the Town Hall. They are all self serving *S. They have little or no knowledge of the real world otherwise they would not make such stupid comments. Their answer to every thing is increase taxes. My local council is going to impose parking charges in my local market town. 30% of the shops are empty, the market is struggling to survive. We go every Saturday for a cup of coffee and to do a little shopping, but when the charges come in we will go to the out of town shopping center if necessary. It won't be such a pleasant experience but being retired every penny counts. It is no wonder town centers are failing. God help us if a minister does not know what the difference is in a Gerry Can and a 5 litre fuel storage can. I like many particularly those of us who live in rural locations keep 5 litre can for emergencies.

  badgery 12:16 01 Apr 2012

fourm member "..rather than wait for people to start slinging mud"

Since that election I haven't been aware of anyone in the media, or otherwise, suggesting fraud at the poll (except for yourself, in two posts). Do you really suspect fraud and not just very clever, intense targetting of the 38% muslim community of the constituency? Have you got reasons/evidence for asking for Galloway to call for an investigation of his own result?

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