George Bush's private plane to........ Part II

  Seth Haniel 14:42 17 Sep 2007

click here=

Recap :- A B-52 bomber armed with five nuclear-tipped Cruise missiles flew the length of America

1. All six people involved in the incident ..from Minot Airforce Base
2. All were directly involved as loaders or as pilots
3. All are NOW DEAD
4. All ‘ACCIDENTS’…in the last 8 days

  sunny staines 17:05 17 Sep 2007

fits in the story from the french this weekend that the west might have to bomb iran and the israel f-16 bomb mission in syria.

iran will be a dangerous can of worms.

  The Brigadier 17:10 17 Sep 2007

Box5 or 6?

  sunny staines 17:48 17 Sep 2007

could be a propaganda story by cia to add pressure to iran.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:57 17 Sep 2007

click here click here and many other sources do not mention that any crewmen died apart from one in a m/cycle accident. /cough. To be truthful, if The States wanted to nuke Iran back to the stone age I would imagine the rather old and slow B-52 planes would, not be the way forward as you can fire cruise missiles from something like a Raptor which is a tad quicker and stealthier. Don't attribute to malice what can be explained by simple human stupidity


  Riojaa 19:47 17 Sep 2007

Seth Haniel, can you supply the names of the six servicemen.
I could then run them through my personal irrational software to detect a common denominator.

German theme coming strongly through the ether after the input of 2 names.

Could well be a rogue special unit working from the dark and sinister bushes.

  Seth Haniel 08:13 18 Sep 2007

ahh the minister of disinformation has spoken ;)

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