Genuine MS Software

  cali 23:09 01 Jun 2006

Beware of MS updates coming in on your p.c's as they using this to check as to weather your copy is counterfeit or not. I therefore would suggest that your change your updates from automatic to ask before you update your system! It would that B G is short of pocket money again & is charging £60 for xp home & £92 for xp pro as they say there over a 1 millon of us UK pc users are using counterfeit software & that 1m x 92 is a lot £'s is it not. beware of the updates!"*

  VoG II 23:35 01 Jun 2006

Er, no! Beware of installing pirate software.

  cali 23:42 01 Jun 2006

listen I am in my fifties & I was not aware that the unit I had purchased over 12 months + ago had counterfeit software on it as it was pre-loaded by the retailer who is no longer around to answer for it. as for the fairly obvious omission to too warn other users to beware but as for the remark by De Marcus of what will they think of next is out of order. I have been a PCADVISOR MEMBER FOR ABOUT 2 YEARS PLUS & BUY THE MAG EACH MONTH SINCE THEN I NOW I HAVE BEEN INSULTED BY TRYING TO WARN FELLOW MEMBERS TO CARE FULL WHEN THEY A NEW PC THAT IT HAS A GENUINE SEALED BOX OF OS. AS OF NOW I WILL STOP BUYING PCADVISOR & BEEN A MEMBER OF THIS SPEAKERS CORNER!

  De Marcus™ 00:02 02 Jun 2006

Your age matters not, neither does how long you've been a member (plenty people here been around longer than you).

Pick your pet lip up off the floor and buy a legitiamte version of XP instead of whinging on about how much it costs and trying to convince others to turn off auto update. As for being insulted about trying to warn others about checking their copy of windows is legit when buying a new pc your talking rubbish, you make absolutely no reference to it in your first post.

Then you go on to infer that this is all done to line the pockets of Mr BG, erm yeah, that's the point of being in business isn't it.

  DieSse 00:29 02 Jun 2006

Not everyone who has pirated software has it knowingly.

The MS update that checks whether your software is legitimate or not is perfectly proper. If it finds you have an illegal copy, it does nothing to your system to stop it working - so it's no danger to anyone. What it does enable you to do is find out if your copy is legitimate, and correct that.

In some cases it's possible you might be incorrectly detected as having pirate software - if that happens, it shouldn't become a major problem, and MS will certainly help sort you out.

So there's nothing to fear from a validation check - nothing bad will happen to you because of it.

  rmcqua 06:53 02 Jun 2006

...and to follow on from DieSse,
there is absolutely no reason why MS should not satisfy themselves that software is genuine before providing free updates.
There seem to be some people around who have absolutely no concept of the cost or corporate resources it takes to develop AND SUPPORT a piece of software with the complexity of Win XP.
Pity cali decided to have a "hissy fit". Most of us get over that by the time we reach 50.

  Jackcoms 08:37 02 Jun 2006

Beware of Forum Members who have, apparently, not seen the dozens of other threads which talk about this issue.


  paddyjack 12:39 02 Jun 2006

You can always go here for your updates click here, but they can be hefty downloads.

  The Spires 12:40 02 Jun 2006

> I was not aware that the unit I had purchased over 12 months + ago had counterfeit software on it as it was pre-loaded<
You do now so you need to purchase a copy of XP, or otherwise to put it bluntly you are a thief.

  ade.h 12:53 02 Jun 2006

The Spires - spot on there.

Cali - I'm sorry that you got stung by a less than honest retailer, but you would have avoided the above comments if your post had some qualification to explain your situation. Most forum members - and probably you, too - do not have any time for people who willingly and knowingly use counterfeit software by choice. In your case, it was not your choice and you didn't know at the time. I can appreciate that.

  rsinbad 15:37 02 Jun 2006

Maybe you could have worded things a little differently to get your point acrross, and maybe others should have responded a little more positively, the word counterfit and illegal tends to bring about that response.

I can sympathise with your predicament after all you bought the pc in good faith, that doesn't make you illegal, only a victum.

If you still have the receipts and info you may get your os free click here worth a try.


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