Shopgirl 23:19 01 May 2011

Are there any "Gentlemen" out there? What I mean by that 1: Let the Lady walk to the inside of the pavement. 2: Hold the door open for a lady 3: Give the lady a seat on the bus And a lot more. In todays world there are not a lot of gentlemen around. I have a friend who is a retired school teacher he is a pure gentleman. I would like your views on the above

  rdave13 23:40 01 May 2011

I always walk on the outside if my partner walks with me. I always open the door to her when entering a building and I always think of her first.

Never thought about it as it's second nature to me until you posted. There again I'm the wrong side of fifty...

  Brumas 23:40 01 May 2011

I’ll stand up and be counted. I like to think that I am a gentleman as I do the above as a matter of course and can’t understand those who don’t. I am not eloquent enough to describe what a true gentleman is but I am sufficiently long in the tooth to recognise the qualities in others, and modest enough to attribute those qualities to myself ;o}

  Forum Editor 23:40 01 May 2011

My father taught me that I should always let a lady walk on the inside of the pavement, and it became so ingrained that I feel awkward if I do otherwise.

I do hold doors open for women,but give up a seat on the bus or train? Not unless she was old or pregnant - women are just as capable of standing as I am.

I think there are more gentlemen about than you think; the problem - if you can call it that - is that to a degree women have hoisted themselves with their own petard. They wanted equality, and they got it, but then some of them wanted the best of both worlds - equality when they wanted it, but old-fashioned courtesy treatment at other times. Some men find it confusing, and it leads to dissatisfaction for both sexes.

Personally I do what comes naturally, and let the women think of it what they will. As a father of daughters I hope that other men treat them the same way, and by and large they tell me it happens.

  TopCat® 23:48 01 May 2011

My upbringing ensures that I will always where possible give ladies all the gentlemanly courtesies. These days I do notice some embarrassed expressions when I 'do the right thing' but a friendly smile from me tends to do the trick. TC.

  DippyGirl 00:29 02 May 2011

1) yes 2) yes 3) maybe !

  • but I guess you need to be a lady.... darn!
  Joseph Kerr 01:22 02 May 2011

I've encountered few women who cannot open a door, or who believe it fairer for me to be hit by the lorry, not them.

  Forum Editor 01:43 02 May 2011

Joseph Kerr

The idea of a man walking on the outside of the pavement is not so that he can get hit by a lorry instead of her, it's so he can protect the lady from being splashed in wet weather.

Originally it was also so that he could protect her from the attentions of 'rough' men. He could draw his sword and use it unimpeded if the lady was on his left - always assuming he was right-handed, of course.

  Joseph Kerr 02:04 02 May 2011

Well you learn something every day.

I'm all for the lday getting splashed now and then.

  wolfie3000 02:20 02 May 2011

Never really thought about it, I know i may get "How dare he treat women so shamefully as if there equal to us" but I never really did these things.

I offer the same courtesy to both males and females, I guess the whole opening doors open and walking on a specific side of a path comes from the old fashioned views on women.

What I mean.

  wee eddie 04:22 02 May 2011

Someone called me "Sir" the other day.

Does that mean that I'm a Gentleman, or just Antediluvian!

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