Gender re-assigement and change of Birth Certificate

  p;3 18:01 24 Aug 2012

I note this topic in the Press

born a man but now waiting a sex change op

I also note

changing a Birth Certificate

Surely what sex you are at Birth cannot be changed as that is the sex you are born as; if you seek a gender re-assigment op then you should maybe get a Gender re-assigment Certificate ?

Unless you are born as a hermaphrodite

see here

and your sex at birth cannot be determined and only an op can determined it

Then surely if you seek Gender re-assigment surgery your sex at birth remains that, what you were born as

If you seek to change it by an op later in life then that is not the sex you were born as and your Birth Certificate cannot be changed

  Aitchbee 18:23 24 Aug 2012

I would tend to agree that 'what has been done, cannot be undone' with respect to birth certificates and the gender of the baby at birth.

Although it's hard to take (for some people)...if you were born black, yellow, white, a boy, a girl...that's how you are going to remain for the rest of your life as far as the law stands.(re birth certificates.)

Otherwise, it would make a mockery of the Birth Certificate protocol.

  Forum Editor 18:43 24 Aug 2012

"If you seek to change it by an op later in life then that is not the sex you were born as and your Birth Certificate cannot be changed"

The first thing to point out is that it is not necessary to undergo a surgical procedure in order to obtain a Gender recognition certificate.

Once you've obtained the gender recognition certificate you can obtain a new birth certificate which will record your gender. In order to understand why this is important you need to think about how it must feel for someone to have spent years of their life in the 'wrong' gender. The psychological effects of this can be severe, and the relief, once you have been recognised in law as being of the 'right' gender is immense.

The last thing a caring society should do is force such people to retain their original 'wrong' gender birth certificate, with all the embarrassment and anguish that might cause, if it was to stay in the public domain.

That's why new certificates are issued, and it's right that they are.

I invite you to give me one good reason why it shouldn't be done.

  ams4127 20:34 24 Aug 2012

Now I know for certain that I am too old for this world.

  zzzz999 11:37 25 Aug 2012

Will census and school records similarly now have to be amended?

  zzzz999 11:41 25 Aug 2012

Actually, FE I think I can think of one reason. Its extreme, but would replacement of birth certificates hinder perhaps the detection of crime. Would the link with unsolved crime commited by the gender reassignee be broken?

  Blackhat 13:02 25 Aug 2012

Not birth certificate but what about finger print data base?

A hypothetical extreme of events, you commit a minor crime as a male and your finger prints go on record, 5 years later after gender re-assignment you commit another crime and the only circumstantial evidence against you is your finger prints. You could refute the evidence if you could hide the fact of your gender re-assignment!

Yeh I know, clutching as straws but you never know the lengths some people might go to get away with crime.

  zzzz999 13:44 25 Aug 2012

Fourm Member, FE had set us a challenge :-)

  Forum Editor 14:38 25 Aug 2012

Black hat

Fingerprints aren't circumstantial evidence; that's the first thing to say.

Secondly, you would have a job refuting fingerprint evidence, and during a police investigation the fact of your gender change would become known. Section 22 of the gender change act makes it a criminal offence for anyone to inappropriately disclose that information to a third party

  Blackhat 14:58 25 Aug 2012

I was only speculating with regards to crime & gender re-assignment, thanks for the info. I never knew of section 22 of the gender change act, you learn something new every day.

I am also well aware of what it takes to go through this procedure; a friend of mine is due to have surgery soon after more than ten years of psychological assessment, hormone therapy and endless form filling. He to a she has also had nightmares with employment. The only work he/she has been able to do for a while and now lost is in charity shops. Who would employ a male looking person with developing breasts?

The half way point for many adult gender re-assignment people is the worst time! Prior to surgery hormone treatment goes on for years and for male to female breast development becomes obvious while male characteristics remain.

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