Geek squad?

  BryanR 10:23 12 Sep 2007

Just spotted the adverts for the Geek Squad here on the PC Advisor site.

Why would anyone ever need to pay £10 per month for something which comes free on the PCA website? I'm certainly no expert, but I don't recall ever having to pay anyone to fix my PC - searching around the PCA forums has always answered any questions I've had. Oh, and the occasional Google search.

Would anyone here pay for Geek Squad on a regular basis?


  Quiller. 10:54 12 Sep 2007

What adverts???


Can you supply a link.

mine doesn't have that one.

click here

  BryanR 11:56 12 Sep 2007
  Quiller. 12:18 12 Sep 2007

Not seeing that one on the home page click here

  Quiller. 12:23 12 Sep 2007

using the PCA search engine comes up with nothing from any of the searches.

google gives it as click here

  BryanR 12:49 12 Sep 2007

You have ad-blocking software installed, so you don't appear to see any of the adverts.

I value the help provided by PCA so whilst I have the 'adblock plus' plug-in running on Firefox, I disable it on the PCA site. I've even been known to click on the odd advert occasionally - you never know what might happen if PCA didn't have advertisers, we might have to pay for this fantastic forum.

So back to my original question - do other forum members pay for tech support on a regular basis, or do they, like me, trust the free advice available here on PCA?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:15 12 Sep 2007

Many people prefer to pay for help. I take my car to ma main dealer for servicing. I'm sure it is not rocket science but I cannot be bothered to do the job and they have all the computerised machines that can check for faults, emissions etc. I do not use local garages as they tend not to have the specialised equipment and they tend to get fazed if the fault is anything to do with sensors etc. I also do not grow my own veg as i cannot be bothered and would rather buy them from the local greengrocer whose veg are probably much better than I could grow.


  techie4me 13:19 12 Sep 2007

And I thought you lived a self sufficient life GANDALF <|:-)>.

But for some £10 is a small price to pay for peace of mind to do with a PC.
For the samw amount you could do a course at a local college and learn how to mend your pc yourself & use forums like this for.

  Quiller. 13:56 12 Sep 2007

" I've even been known to click on the odd advert occasionally "

What a coincidence

so have I.

  silverous 14:14 12 Sep 2007

It is also arguably far easier and quicker to resolve a problem speaking face-to-face (or over the phone) than it is posting on here. To those who have money and not a lot of time but a reliance on their PC then this seems like perhaps the most efficient way of handling the situation.

i understand it with a car, a car needs to have oil changes and parts replaced and inspected to ensure you dont die or mow down a bus queue. i also believe it's a good idea to have gas appliances checked by experts, again for safety. im far from technical and i managed to build a pc, it's not rocket science and i have yet to see a second hand pc advertised with full service history!
i can think of better things to spend the money on.

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