G/B rules out one-off fuel payment

  charmingman 00:18 05 Sep 2008

Oh well looks like those that are struggling on the DHSS or low income wont get any help eh £50 and £100 per head isnt hardly life changing is it BUT even at that GB says "NO"...terrible i think!!! he needs sacking!! TOTALY blind to whats REALY happening in society eh...Charles Clarke knows he does!!!...

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  red1977 08:48 05 Sep 2008

Tough. Put another jumper on. Thats what my mum does. Or get another job. It shouldnt take long to earn £100.

  hssutton 09:07 05 Sep 2008

It's not all that many years ago in mid-winter that as kids we would sit in front of a very small fire, assuming of course that we could afford to buy any coal.

  charmingman 09:24 05 Sep 2008

red1977 "Tough. Put another jumper on" mmm i suppose you voted for them did you..? remember we DONT live in the Stone age anymore you know!!!

try telling all the pensioners that!! and the people that cant find work cause theres a recession sbout to unfold...where i live its just been anounced that a caravan company is just about to axe 85% of its workforce then if any of them cant find work we are some 12 weeks from christmas!!
Your reply was appailingly ignorant as the money that the goverment could of offered people on low incomes would not of gone a miss or broken the goverments back...that could be the last nail in the coffin for many GB supporters..He's nothing more than a joke!!!

  hssutton 09:42 05 Sep 2008

Don't forget money has to be found to pay GBs gold plated pension which no doubt he will be receiving before long.

Just as a matter of interest, I'm a "pensioner" and at the moment due to severe arthritis + the cold damp weather, I'm sat at the computer wearing a thick woolly cardigan and a travel rug wrapped around my legs and we're still in summer.

  charmingman 10:00 05 Sep 2008

"hssutton" i belive that summer has now gone! or so i belive, tell me since your a pensioner WOULD that £50-£100 helped you..? i mean its hardly anything when u break it down into 52 weeks is it but it should still of been some use wouldnt it..?

My argument with all of this is that pensioners who have paid thousands of pounds or even tens of thousands of pounds in tax over the decades deserve more help simple!! there is always someone that says "Where do you think the money will come from" id find it very hard to belive that the billions of pounds our goverment spend on warfare in the uk & places like iraq cant find the money to look after its own country & its people... i was once told a Padre in the Army many years ago that if WHOLE world goverments would stop spending on the army's & any military based funding for JUST one day around the world the goverments would be able to save enough money in just that one day to cure famine "Globaly" & MANY MANY other diseases that we dont have cure's for....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:05 05 Sep 2008

Remove / reduce VAT on fuel for heating

  red1977 10:54 05 Sep 2008

No dear boy, I didnt vote for them. This isnt politics its common sense. If you're cold then put on a jumper or a coat.
BTW how do you know the extra funds wont break the government? If you read the newspapers, you'd realise we are in a recession and we all have to tighten our belts and put jumpers on. Its not the time to be paying out even more money.
Good news about the caravans though, cant stand the things myself, holding honest hard working motorists up from doing their honest days toil.

  charmingman 11:24 05 Sep 2008

Good point i agree with you there!!

Loved the "Caravan" comment..lol :-)

  hssutton 11:26 05 Sep 2008

My monthly fuel bill is fixed for the next 12 months at £84, so yes £100 would help. Must admit though my wife and I plus my disabled daughter have always looked on the winter fuel payment as part of our holiday fund.

I do agree with the later part of your post regarding the money spent on warfare and also as regards expenditure the people of this country should come first, it's only with a strong economy that we should be helping others.

  oresome 13:08 05 Sep 2008

I think GB's thoughts have moved onto improved insulation grants now, which seems a more sensible approach.

We must remember the the Governments tax revenues will be depleted with the economic slowdown. Any money given out will finish up being borrowed, adding to the national debt.

I'd oppose any windfall tax on energy companies. My small income is derived from company dividends, some of which are utilities. My income is already being reduced through cut dividends at a time of rising inflation.

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