GB " DONT Waste Food" advice

  Eow is nighe 09:28 07 Jul 2008

Great advice i am supprised he didnt say "Chew slower" it last chance of any help then..

Great coming from a guy that has HUGE meetings & feast's where i am sure plentry gets thrown or left..

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  interzone55 09:50 07 Jul 2008

On BBC Breakfast this morning some woman advised families to "make a shopping list"; "Only buy what you need"; "Don't go for Two for One offers if you'll not eat the free one".

Do people really need to be told those things?

We can barely afford to buy enough food to live one without buy stuff that will just be thrown away...

  oresome 09:52 07 Jul 2008

Sensible advise, but it's seldom that easy!

The BOGOF offers, short use by dates and the generally higher prices charged for smaller quantities complicate the buying decision.

  Bingalau 09:59 07 Jul 2008

There would be less thrown away if people used their common sense instead of adhering to use by dates etc. I had a bottle of beer last night that was well over twelve months past its use by date. It was lovely.

  Quickbeam 10:44 07 Jul 2008

The only fatal BOGOF offer is jaffa cakes as they are eaten by the box, so obviously when they are on BOGOF you eat boxes at a time... mind you, 3 for the price of 2 is even worse:)

  Forum Editor 10:47 07 Jul 2008

in this country because we're wealthy - we buy too much, and then we throw it away. Food is becoming more and more expensive, and anything that we can do to reduce our consumption is a good thing. It has nothing to do with Prime Ministers eating feasts - get over that - and everything to do with taking responsibility for your own lifestyle.

Stop thinking that the government always has to do something for you, and start doing it yourself.

  €dstowe 11:57 07 Jul 2008

I think the only "food" that is thrown away in my house are chicken bones. Everything else is eaten by us or the dog or the garden birds. Inedibles like peelings and coarse leaves are taken to the pig farm down the road (from where I get my Christmas dinner). All that is recyclable by the council is recycled.

How long before the gutter press (dustbin press) are searching the bins on Downing Street (for food waste rather than the more usual fare of secret papers)?

  [email protected] 12:03 07 Jul 2008

every loaf of bread and bottle of milk i buy i throw half away! used to find half loaves but cant anymore.
i have various animal parts in my freezer and have no idea how long they have been there.
i shop once a week, fill my fridge and then go through the 'cant be bothered to cook for one after a hard day' thing, it's terrible i know when there are starving people in the world. but im probably one of the worse i suppose, i will see what i can do, to do my little bit. probably stop shopping altogether and living on takeaways!

  DieSse 12:10 07 Jul 2008

This comes well from a man who spent £500,000 to hire a plane FROM AMERICA to fly to the meeting in Japan.

Hypocrite of the first order!

  pj123 12:10 07 Jul 2008

€dstowe, "Inedibles like peelings and coarse leaves are taken to the pig farm down the road"

How do you get away with that? It's been a
no-no for ages now.

The Pig farms around where I live are not allowed to feed kitchen waste to the pigs anymore.

The hospitals are the biggest wasters of food. I spent 10 weeks in hospital a year ago and I couldn't eat the food that was dished up. Nor could a lot of others on the ward.

We thought a good idea would be to send all the leftover food to the local pig farm. But were told it is not allowed now.

  [email protected] 12:12 07 Jul 2008

best place for hospital food...

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