Gaza Appeal. Is the BBC right or......

  anskyber 12:35 24 Jan 2009

has impartiality been taken too far? click here

From my perspective there is a difference between "taking sides" and humanitarian issues.

  Forum Editor 12:52 24 Jan 2009

Humanitarian interests should override normal impartiality policies in cases like this. Sometimes I wonder about the sanity of some of the BBC's senior decision makers. I think that after a while working for the corporation has a tendency to institutionalise - the very people who should be most in tune with the real world become detached from it.

  rickf 13:03 24 Jan 2009

I suspect there is background pressure by the Israelis which has been pretty belligerent of late. The BBC is naive. It's a case of guilty id you do and guilty if you don't so why not stay on the side of humanitarian good. This org. is pissing me off in recent times. If only I could w/draw paying my license fee w/o breaking the law.

  Pine Man 13:21 24 Jan 2009

Maybe I'm a little naive BUT if, or when, money is raised who will adminster it in Gaza - Hamas!!

  anskyber 13:24 24 Jan 2009

The money is fed directly to the various aid agencies who operate in Gaza.

They then give aid to those whose humanitarian needs are the greatest. In other words its direct aid.

  anskyber 13:31 24 Jan 2009

No I have not seen it either, that's the problem we are not allowed to judge for ourselves whether there is bias in the DEC appeal.

Frankly every other DEC appeal I have seen has not sought to impart bias in political terms, mainly I think because they know it is important to have as much goodwill as possible from the various players. if there were to be anti Israel content then it's not too difficult to imagine they would encounter problems with access to Gaza.

The BBC should not be making judgements about whether the aid could be delivered in time, it's a rather pompous way to behave and fits perfectly the FEs assessment of their ability to become detached from the world.

all appeals suffer from that weakness, even the Tsunami Appeal was in that position.

Frankly I think the BBC are using weasel words and it rather begs the question about how impartial they really are.

  spikeychris 13:36 24 Jan 2009

This is a unilateral media decision - ITV and Sky have also said they will not show the appeal.

  anskyber 13:38 24 Jan 2009

This is what DEC say about impartiality click here

  anskyber 13:41 24 Jan 2009


They all showed the Zimbabwe appeal.

That was impartial was it? I with so many others dislike the Zimbabwe regime but like it or not screening that appeal could be considered as a partial act.

  WhiteTruckMan 13:51 24 Jan 2009

for aid for the victims of palastinian rocket attacks (which prompted this particular bloody mess of a round in the first place)?


  anskyber 13:57 24 Jan 2009

I think you will find that this "bloody mess" has much more to do with the complexities of Israeli and Palestinian history than the rockets.

I'm slightly surprised that you think the relative damage and humanitarian crisis is even the slightest bit comparable.

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