Gays in the Services

  morddwyd 20:12 22 Feb 2012

Sorry about the bald title but I really couldn't think of another way without giving offence.

I note from a recent report that the RN and RAF are among the top ten employers of gays and lesbians in the country.

I suspect, probably like Bingalau and Brumas, that if that had happened in my time it would have made for some very interesting late night "discussions" in some of the more active watering holes in the Gut, the Reeperbahn or Boogie Street!

Times change.

  Al94 20:13 22 Feb 2012

but I really couldn't think of another way without giving offence

Didn't try very hard - did you?

  csqwared 20:33 22 Feb 2012

"times change"

How? Certainly during my service, working alongside WRAC, it wasn't unusual to be turned down because you were the wrong sex. Although it wasn't openly discussed I'm sure there were more than a few serving males that were of a different persuasion also.

  pabby 21:37 22 Feb 2012

"I note from a recent report that the RN and RAF are among the top ten employers of gays and lesbians in the country."

As the united services must be in the top 10 of employers in the country. Then on balance it would work out pro rata to other employers.

Anyway the world has moved on. Thank goodness gays and lesbians don't have the stigma they had year ago. They can now openly show their sexuality even to the extent of committing themselves together in civil partnerships.

They should be no stigma to either gays or lesbians in the armed forces or any other job.

  pabby 21:39 22 Feb 2012

should be----------

they had years ago

  Woolwell 22:13 22 Feb 2012

Mordwyyd's missing link

Times change - not really. It is now open. The Navy and the RAF employ gays - so what?

  Brumas 22:16 22 Feb 2012

morddwyd and we were probably the subject of many a conversation in Danny's Bar (Antwerp) as we were such handsome,fine healthy specimens ;o}

  Forum Editor 22:26 22 Feb 2012

"Times change."

Yes, and thank goodness they do.

  morddwyd 07:39 23 Feb 2012

"Didn't try very hard - did you?"

Yes I did, actually.

I saw the report almost a week ago, and I have been trying to think of a way to put it ever since.

I must apologise for my lack of language skills.

""Times change."

Yes, and thank goodness they do."

Yes indeed.

I am appalled when I think now of the physical and mental bullying which was inflicted on those who were "different" (which by no means meant cay) in those days.

  Bingalau 10:33 23 Feb 2012

In my 23 years in the services I never once was bullied, nor did I come across what we in those days called "Queers". There were plenty of them around the areas of ports and harbours though. So where the huge percentage increase has come from I have no idea. I would also have been aware of bullying because I had been through a little of that at school trying to protect my elder brother who was a bit of a wimp. ( He was always ill as a child and died at the age of seventeen from asthma and bronchitis. (wouldn't happen these days I hope).

I listened to a woman on radio two a couple of days ago, talking about how her husband had confessed to being raped years before, whilst in the army. Why the hell didn't he go to a senior officer to sort that out? I will never understand these people.

Ah! the Reeperbahn, We had a good laugh a few years ago when visiting the area and my wife got curious enough to look around the edge of the hoardings at the end of that famous street. She was immediately spotted and a large amount of what may have been water was thrown at her from the nearest window. Myself and a male companion had just had a stroll through the street and she was jealous because she couldn't go in.

  sunnystaines 10:57 23 Feb 2012

cannot see a problem with them in the forces

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