Gays 'offered help to be straight'.?

  perpetual motion 10:14 26 Mar 2009

This MUST be against any kinda gay rights.? i cant belive that there is funding for this.?
ive got gay friends & i aint bothered in the slightest.?

I'm also not sure what they are trying too proove by turning a gay person straight.?

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  interzone55 10:19 26 Mar 2009

This has been tried throughout history.

Experiments were carried out in Hitler's death camps, "scientists" in Russia and the states have long been working on a "cure".

Homosexuality is not a disease, it can't be cured. Additionally it's not just a human trait, dogs, monkeys and dolphins also exhibit homosexual tendencies...

  ened 11:16 26 Mar 2009

I don't see what the problem is.

From what I read they are not imposing themselves but responding to 'cries for help'!

They are not necessarily trying to change anybody's sexuality; rsther help them in coming to terms with it.

  babybell 11:29 26 Mar 2009

They are not trying to 'prove' anything, they are simply saying that if a gay person feels that they want to be straight then then they are willing to try and help. If it were a campaign to "cure" them then it would be offensive, this however is just a serivce that is on offer if required.

  perpetual motion 11:30 26 Mar 2009

ened i'm "On the fence" on this one

  sunnystaines 12:00 26 Mar 2009

some are born that way they have just got to live with it they did not choose their genes.

must be hard at times for them at times.

  Forum Editor 12:00 26 Mar 2009

Drug companies can fund whatever they like - it's not public money that's being used. If some people seek help to suppress some kind of sexual tendency it's their affair, and nothing whatever do do with us.

  Cymro. 14:43 26 Mar 2009

You say it is "nothing whatever do do with us".

Yes I agree completely with you but that has never stopped a good point of discussion on this forum in the past. Many posts on this forum are no concern of ours but we still moider on about them.

  Forum Editor 18:42 26 Mar 2009

You're right. Talking about things that don't really concern us is the oxygen that gives life to the forum.

  mkennyd 19:20 26 Mar 2009

Can you imagine it, no gays, everyone straight. Mass population explosion, everyone fighting for a partner. It's hard enough for me as it is and i'm a hunk.

  Grey Goo 20:49 26 Mar 2009

You need partners to get a population explosion.

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