Gas leak- danger -getting it fixed - its a joke

  jack 14:03 26 Nov 2008

Daughter smelled gas.
Called the 0800 number
They came within the hour, and located the leak.
Inboard of the Meter
Turned off the supply
Now down to daughter to locate a suitable tradesman to fix it.
Two have so far attended looked at the Edwardian pipe work and turned the job down.
Water Co's{Thames] do offer a service- presumably for a price
What about the gas supplier doing the same.

  smartpoly 14:25 26 Nov 2008

I thought that if the leak was prior to the domestic side, ie inbaord the meter, then it is down to Transco or alike who maintain gas supplies?

  Woolwell 16:21 26 Nov 2008

What gas appliances are there? Gas boilers and fires should be serviced regularly and a poor gas supply should have been spotted.

You will need a corgi registered person. The corgi site will point you in the right direction but it is preferable to obtain a suitably qualified person who comes with word of mouth recommendation. Unfortunately you do not seem to have one of those.

  wiz-king 16:30 26 Nov 2008

If your pipework is so bad that it started to leak then it is probable that some of the pipe will need replacing, this can be done by any qualified gas fitter, Your gas supplier will have a service for this or you can use a local gas engineer who will almost certainly be cheaper.

My advice is don't phone any of the 24hr repair people, go in to the local plumbers merchant and look on their notice board and you should find some trades-mens cards.

  Switcher 18:44 26 Nov 2008

You cannot put a price on safety. I would get the experts British Gas to replace the old pipework. They might be dearer but in my experience always do a good safe job.

  Pine Man 19:13 26 Nov 2008

'I would get the experts British Gas to replace the old pipework. They might be dearer but in my experience always do a good safe job.'

Without wishing to upset anybody that is the biggest load of b......s yet!

I know loads of Corgi registered gas fitters. Guess what most of them do, either on a regular basis or when they are short of work - jump into a BG van and do their installations and repairs for them.

Any Corgi registered gas fitter is more than capable and substantially cheaper than some of the outrageous prices that BG quote.

This is not a libellous comment I have written evidence.

Phew, I feel better for that!!

  Forum Editor 19:27 26 Nov 2008

is that any gas work is done by a CORGI registered plumber. He will be perfectly capable of doing a good job, and will almost certainly be cheaper than British Gas.

  peter99co 20:37 26 Nov 2008

I was lucky when I found a leak to have Gas Pipe Insurance. The whole gas pipe in the house was replaced within a week at no cost to myself.

It did involve having Tranco turning off the supply before I could claim but I was glad to have it covered. They even supplied the Corgi plumber

My plumbing and drainage cover is with the same company.

I could not smell the leak it was a visitor who dicovered the smell of gas. I turned off all appliances and the meter kept going (very slowly)but enough to show a leak. It was a buried pipe under the hard floor and the gas was coming up around the skirting. It did not take long to ring the Emergency number even though I had turned off at the meter.

  Switcher 22:21 26 Nov 2008

Pine Man

My comments, as I stated, were based on my experience. Therefore cannot be a load of B....s
You are surely not suggesting that I being mendacious regarding my own experience in these matters.

  Pine Man 07:52 27 Nov 2008

It never even occurred to me.

Like you my comments were based purely on experience -and evidence.

  jack 09:19 27 Nov 2008

and will do the job.
It seemed to me a sound what covoluted way of getting potentially hazardous way of getting work such as this done.

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