Gas and Electric Prices:

  Chas49 19:52 03 Apr 2008

I’ve just received my Gas and Electric Bills from British Gas – wow, what a rise!

Take the Electricity bill for instance. I used 798 Kwh during this last quarter.

Using the old rates this would have resulted in a bill for £81.86 (not including vat)
Using the new rates this would have resulted in a bill for £100.39 (not including vat)

The difference (£18.53) is equal to a rise of 22.63%

The Gas Bill . I used 3272 Kwh

Using the old rates this would have resulted in a bill for £89.45 (not including vat)
Using the new rates this would have resulted in a bill for £115.73 (not including vat)

The difference (£26.28) is equal to a rise of 29.38%

Some increase!!!

These bills of course actually contained both old and new rates as the rise was introduced during the quarter – but the figures above show what to expect on the current quarter.

  octal 21:25 03 Apr 2008

I agree, it's a shocker aright. I had my bill the other day and it has gone up from £36 per month to £61 per month for the gas. Admittedly, that is over the winter period, so I'll have to see how settles down over the next few months.

The question is, why do they send me an estimated bill when the meter is outside in a little box where it's easy to read?

  peter99co 21:28 03 Apr 2008

Are you going to read your meter and then tell them the actual reading?

  Coffee Adict 21:29 03 Apr 2008

I think its alternate, one quarter estimated one quarter read.

  peter99co 21:49 03 Apr 2008

Any estimated readings I get are rejected and a customer reading is phoned or emailed to the supplier,who send a revised bill. Any change in the monthly payment is also if considered to high is also challanged. I once had a refund of £90 because they had over estimated direct debit payments. Don't give them an inch,it's your money they keep in the bank.If you can calculate a years gas or electric use and divide it by 12 you should find some nearer payment.They wanted £30 per month from me and I said £28 and no more and if I am wrong I will pay you the rest at the anniversary bill. They finished up still owing me money. I read somewhere that the companies owe millions to their LOYAL customers who accept their estimated charges.

  peter99co 21:59 03 Apr 2008

You probably do not use the same ammount of gas each month and if like me you only use a small ammount for the summer period you will probably find their estimate of cost is based on using the same ammount over 12 months.I said to customer services that they where basing my use without allowing for warmer weather and from May to Oct I do not use Gas in same manner.

  Chas49 22:01 03 Apr 2008

The meters were read by a British Gas worker and were accurate - being tight fisted I always check.

Estimated Bills - curiously enough, in the past I never found these to be far out - assumed that, because I have been with British Gas for years, that previous records were a good guide for them. But the meters are now read each quarter, at least they are in this area (Wolverhampton) so errors in meter reading are rare.

The frequency of the meters being read obviously varies according to the area covered. Some time ago it was a rare sight to see a meter being read on a regular basis but, as I have said, they are now.

I doubt that the bills will settle - remember they were forced to reduce prices (last year?) but that didn't last very long - always a good excuse, ie: the price of fuel has risen, prices in general have risen and 'they' have to pay more for the gas and fuel. And, of course, although we don't like it, there is no doubt regarding fuel prices - I saw today Diesel fuel advertised as being £1.15 per litre. Thank goodness that I don't drive anymore and have that new bus pass!! <g>

I thought that the meters being housed in a box outside would have been to the BG Reader's advantage but it would appear not.

Finally, Octal - I'm glad I haven't got your bill and can only assume that, unlike me, you have central heating.

  Chas49 22:12 03 Apr 2008

peter99co: I considered paying by Direct Debit fome time ago, then, realising that checking what I owed against what they had taken would be more inconvenient for me than paying in at the bank on my next shopping trip, I dropped that idea like a hot cinder!

I too use very little gas from the middle of April until October - the usage for this period is confined to cooking - and that's not much! In fact, one of the silliest things I've seen British Gas do is send out bills for two years running where the bills were so small that the rebate was greater and they owed me money! Unfortunately they became aware of this and it ceased - pity!

  Chas49 22:13 03 Apr 2008

Bah!! forme should read some!

  peter99co 22:34 03 Apr 2008

I was in Brigenorth Easter Thursday and paid £1.10 and was suprised because Nottm Tesco charge £1.13 at moment.

click here

This is a useful site for fuel price checking but is based on feedback so it is only a guide

  Grey Goo 23:24 03 Apr 2008

I think the cheapest way,if you want to use British Gas, is an on line paperless account using dual fuel and paying by direct debit. It can depend on where you live though as the Click accounts have different unit charges for different areas.

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