Gardening time, something odd about my strimmer.

  bumpkin 16:42 15 Apr 2015

Nice to have a decent bit weather and get outside. A couple of things have confused me this year, the mower started (ride on petrol) without having a flat battery or needing the carburetta stripped down. To compound the issue my petrol strimmer started after a couple of pulls and did not need me to dismantle the head and rewind the cord. Has anyone else experience this strang phenomena.

  bumpkin 16:43 15 Apr 2015

strang = strange

  Belatucadrus 17:02 15 Apr 2015

Don't worry about it, things will soon return to normal, the mower gearbox will explode in spectacular manner showering the lawn with metal fragments and the pull cord on the strimmer will snap just when you least expect it.

Well that's what happened to me last year somebody else’s turn for the bad karma.

  onthelimit1 17:04 15 Apr 2015

You are lucky - petrol is now up to 10% ethanol which evaporates quite quickly. Not unusual for petrol to 'go off' in a month or so!

  bumpkin 17:29 15 Apr 2015

Belacatacadrus, that is what I was expecting, sadly disappointed this year:-))

ont, I confess to putting fresh petrol in but both of them starting? I thought a strimmer was a one season disposable item until this ocoured.

  BT 17:36 15 Apr 2015

Funny you should say this but my mower started first pull last week after being in the garage all winter, and my Petrol strimmer started after a couple of pulls as well just like yours. The weirdest thing is I managed to start it a second time (something which is not always possible) after changing to the hedge cutter head. Wonders will never cease.

Same thing today. Mower first pull, strimmer 2nd pull. Fingers crossed things will continue!!

  bumpkin 18:13 15 Apr 2015

BT, rest assured it will be short lived, just lulling you into a false sense of security the next time you will not be able to start it whatever you do based on my experience of such items.

  bumpkin 18:58 15 Apr 2015

Dont worry spider, I doubt it will do it again unless you don't want it to.

  BT 08:09 16 Apr 2015


You're right!

More than likely the mower won't start first time next time. I usually take of the air filter then wiggle the little spring loaded bits underneath it then it usually starts. The Strimmer has a mind of its own. I always get it started first time according the the instructions but starting it a second time is a lottery. Its got to be a knack. I mentioned it to the chap who removed a Sumach tree for me and he had no trouble in getting it going.

I had to have the Sumach tree removed as although it was a lovely tree the underground suckers were spreading up to 20 feet across the garden and throwing up baby trees everywhere. Even after it was cut down and I drilled the stump it took 3 years of pouring in concentrated Roundup Stump killer before the suckers stopped throwing up shoots. Only had a couple last year so hopefully its all done now.

  carver 08:15 17 Apr 2015

Oh dear, just what have you done, hope you realise that the boss will now expect the mower to work every time and the strimmer to be on standby at a moments notice.

Both of mine are terrible at starting and need constant care especially if touring car racing is on as the part I need is at the shop which is not open that day.

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