Gammy Leg

  crosstrainer 20:02 24 Apr 2008

Hi all. Hve been off line for a few day's due to what was originaly diagnosed as thrombosisis of the left leg. Very painful, but now they think it's gout!

Most annoying thing is lack of mobility, and (Have only started to configure this new Phenom)

Have now been asked to measure the leg width on a daily baisis!

With pain killers, can now sit at the newbie and configure!

  laurie53 20:09 24 Apr 2008

Mistake to tell people it's gout.

You'll get little sympathy and lots of jokes about good living!

  crosstrainer 20:13 24 Apr 2008

They Only THINK it's gout....And I can take the jokes.

Thing is I thought gout was a port and red wine afflication?

  Bingalau 20:13 24 Apr 2008

Deep sympathy from me, I had trouble in my heel once and that was diagnosed as a type of Gout. Mind you the injection to cure it was very painful, but I think that was because the person wielding the needle was a sadist and moved it about in the flesh of the heel like a knife instead of withdrawing it and sticking it in again. That's my theory anyway.

  crosstrainer 20:21 24 Apr 2008

That sounds worse than the current medication! But I habe my own theory before they start injecting cortisone etc.

I think (Don't laugh) Ihave been bitten by a form of spider non UK native.

In my defence, I do open a lot of boxes from the far east!

  crosstrainer 10:56 25 Apr 2008

Doctor has just visited and yes, it is gout...Have had injection in my heel just as Bingalau described!

In truth though, gout is not always "good living" related. I eat a healthy non-exotic diet, and whilst I do induldge in the odd glass of port, red wine etc, not to any huge degree.

Any historians remember which English king (think it may have been George V) suffered from the same thing?

  Legolas 12:29 25 Apr 2008

I have suffered from gout for almost thirty years although I have not had a bad attack for a number of years.

I have had it in my knee, my elbow and of course my big toe. It is diet related especially dairy products.

The worse attack I ever had was about 20 odd years ago, I had just moved to London to start a new job and I took an attack of gout in both big toes. I was in agony and couldn't even bear the weight of a light bedsheet on my foot it was so tender.

One night the pain was so bad I crawled (having it in both feet at once I couldn't walk at all) through to the kitchen of the flat I was sharing with my mates and got a packet of frozen peas out the freezer and applied them to my feet, what a relief after about 10mins both my feet were totally anesthetised. I took to sleeping on the couch with my feet in a basin of ice cold water.

I know from experience how painful this condition is so no jokes from me.

  crosstrainer 12:49 25 Apr 2008

Thanks for that, the pain is as you describe, but the painkillers I have been prescribed do help.

I tried putting a leg of lamb (frozen) on my leg, since I needed to defrost it anyway, and it did help.

I have taken to sleeping on the settee with my left leg gently positioned so nothing touches it.

The pain is one thing, but the frustration of lack of mobility is even worse.

Any clues on that English king anyone?

  john bunyan 13:34 25 Apr 2008

It was James 1.

  crosstrainer 14:18 25 Apr 2008

Thanks for that, being Welsh, my English history isn't that great. Did he walk with a cane?

  john bunyan 15:47 25 Apr 2008

Not sure - before even my time! Was the frozen leg of lamb wrapped? All joking aside, I hope you find a good cure soon.

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