gaming longevity on xp

  mrwoowoo 23:31 28 Sep 2007

How long will it take before pc games are released as vista only? Are there usually any timescales associated with these things.Ok i know halo 2 was a deliberate ploy,but does anyone have any knowledge of when xp will die as far as gaming is concerned.
Are the games that are in their production infancy at the moment being produced with only vista in mind?
How long did it take for windows me to die a gaming death,or 98 and 95, as this could be used as a rough yardstick.
As an xp gamer I need to know.

  @[email protected]!c 23:38 28 Sep 2007

i have a vista laptop running xp games ok
medal of honor for 1

just update the game with the most recent patches and updates and run in compatability mode.. works for me :) kind regards akanic

  @[email protected]!c 23:40 28 Sep 2007

thats right click shortcut then compatability tab and select xp sp2 :)

  @[email protected]!c 23:42 28 Sep 2007

thats right click shortcut then properties then compatability tab and select xp sp2 :)

  mrwoowoo 23:48 28 Sep 2007

Thanks for the reply.
My problem though is that i want to carry on gaming with my xp system until i have to by a new pc with vista.
The longer i have to save,the better the system i can get.
I don't want to give up on this pc all the time it does what i want it to.

  @[email protected]!c 00:00 29 Sep 2007

well like me then i'm waiting for a lot more games and compatability and stability then i will fully commit to vista..
its just technology... it moves on and so should we
(when the times right)
kind regards akanic

  gudgulf 00:02 29 Sep 2007

Currently Vista is performing slower on most games than XP on my system......some like Counterstrike by as much as 25%

Drivers are getting better all the time though and some games are roughly similar....Bioshock for example.

I suspect that the deciding factors with games will be Direct X 10 (which XP wont FULLY support...even if an XP emulation is released) and the usual raising of system requirements for cutting edge games that leaves many an otherwise decent pc obsolete.

The STEAM surveys give a reasonable insight into the sort of hardware and software currently in use.

click here

At the end of August only 8% on Vista.

I'd say you have a couple of years at least yet.

By which time all the glitches and compatibility issues will be sorted......and the next version of Windows will be just around the corner,lol.

  @[email protected]!c 00:04 29 Sep 2007

to me personaly vista has done a catch up on technology..we have all this ram and hardrive space and proccesing power not being used with xp so vista has been created to use or utilise it all
so its not for everyones pc :)

  Marko797 10:46 29 Sep 2007

with XP (if that's ur choice - mine too) until such times as they stop making games for/will run on XP and still use DX9...will be a while yet

  Totally-braindead 18:42 29 Sep 2007

Theres been at least 3 games brought out Vista only that I have seen, so it might not be too long before the rest follow suit.

  Marko797 21:32 29 Sep 2007

but what about the fact that XP seems to be making a strong come-back (see various threads on here). Also, Dell & others are selling XP machines again, & ppl still want it (rightly or wrongly - their choice). XP days aint over yet me-thinks. Plus, there's always some clever bu**er who can adapt a Vista game for XP - Halo 2 for instance was one of them which springs to mind...

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