Si_L 20:30 04 Aug 2007

Are there enough gamers on the PCA forums to justify a separate forum?

Just out of curiosity, who on here is a gamer? And what games do you play?

  Earthsea 20:43 04 Aug 2007

Not a gamer but currently have on my system:

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
X2 - The Threat
Neverwinter Nights
Balder's Gate: Tales from the Sword Coast

The reason they're all old is because it takes me years to complete them. HL2 took me 2 years 4 months!

Not because I'm rubbish you understand, I just find it difficult getting the time to play them.

As for a games forum, probably better to ask him directly (Contact Forum Editor).

  citadel 20:50 04 Aug 2007

I think there was a forum but it was closed for lack of use.
I spend alot of time gaming, currently medieval 2 total war and brothers in arms hill 30.

  acceptmyname 20:51 04 Aug 2007

I would love there to be a gmaers forum all I do on my pc is play games

Xpand rally

I just love gaming and am hoping to start to build my own gaming PC I know this will cost a lot but hey ho we cant take the money with us

  mrwoowoo 20:57 04 Aug 2007

Mainly play games as well.
slinter cell double agent
lost planet
just finished tomb raider anniversary.

  mrwoowoo 20:57 04 Aug 2007

I need a p (~:

  rdave13 21:00 04 Aug 2007

I'm currently playing Attack On Pearl Harbor and thoroughly enjoying it. Just to start with I'm on casual "easy mode" until I get to grips with the difficult controls. Obviously I need no help as I'll soon be an "ace".
Possibly these forums are really for PC problems and not for dedicated gamers as such.
May be speakers corner will possibly cover any games problems or advice and I know of one forum member who's an avid gamer and will most probably step in with good advice,

  acceptmyname 21:01 04 Aug 2007


I take it you have vista then

What is lost planet like it looks good

  wolfie3000 21:40 04 Aug 2007

This should be fun right a list of what i have/play here goes,

gta 3
gta 3 (mta)
gta 3 New city mod

gta vice city,
gta vice city (mta)
gta vice city (vc-mp)
gta vice city milos mod
gta vice city Clan WoP mod
gta vice city test rig

gta san andreas
gta san andreas (mta)
gta san andreas (samp)
gta san andreas LoS mod
gta san andreas Wop mod
gta san andreas test rig

Halo 1
Halo 1 Modded
halo 1 test rig
Halo 2

Eve onling
F.E.A.R. combat
Gunz online
Hero online
Kal online
Knight online
Mu online
Shot online

Tomb raider anniversary
Tomb raider legends
Tomb raider 1
Tomb raider 2
Tomb raider 3

And my newest one, Tom clancys ghost recon 2 advanced warfighter.

Ok as for A seperate games forum its been discussed before and was turned down,
I for one would love one but the FEs decision is final.

  acceptmyname 21:41 04 Aug 2007

Wolfie what is halo 1 test rig

  mrwoowoo 21:42 04 Aug 2007

No i have xp as lost planet is compatible with both systems.Lost Planet comes in two versions: the Direct X 9 and 10 flavored one.
Played the demo which was quite adictive and action packed.Sniper rifle rather cool.
Just encountered the first boss in the proper game which i have just started so am not too far in.Struggling to defeat him truth be known.
Anyway,action packed for sure and certainly a bit different.Ai seems rather good as well.I give it about 7.5 out of 10 at the mo,but thats only my opinion as we all like different things.

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