Games That

  crosstrainer 01:14 15 Aug 2007

are intrusive, or make sure that you "play" on line



  wolfie3000 01:17 15 Aug 2007


Maybe a little more information is needed,

  crosstrainer 01:24 15 Aug 2007

I hope the op went well?

Game is lost planet


  Acx 01:25 15 Aug 2007

Which games?

  wolfie3000 01:34 15 Aug 2007

Im good thanks the op went well,

I presume you are refering to the thread you started in the helproom,

Well i cant see how the game can be seen as intrusive and as for making you play online well is that really a problem?

I have never played the game but i would have thought it would have said on the box online play only,

You have a choice wether to install it on your pc or not, no ones forcing you to play the game and as i said in the other thread you can always exchange the game or sell it if you dont like it.

This is why i always suggest to people to download the free demo first so you can see if you like the game or not before spending any cash.

but in the end do as i do if i get fed up with a game goto a game shop and exchange it for a more suitable game.

  wolfie3000 01:59 15 Aug 2007

I see in the other thread you said "guess I really am getting old."

Well you would be surprised how many older people play games,

as i see it, it doesnt matter if your 5 or 105 as long as you have fun playing computer games,

I guess you just havent found a game that you like yet, well have a look round the internet and try some free demos,

Theres bound to be a game you will enjoy that doesnt need online play.

Most gamers prefer a single genre of game, wether online shooters, rpg,s or flight sims.

There are a few games i cant stand myself like World of warcraft, i cant stand that game. (i get confused with the controls so i hate it lol)

I know it can be annoying when you buy a game and you find out its a load of tosh or it doesnt run or it doesnt suite your style but there are a load of games out there and im sure you will find one that you will come to love.

also if there is a game you like the look of go to its official website and have a good nose round so you get a really good idea of what the games about and also see if theres a video on youtube with in game play (not a trailer) as this will give you an idea of how the game plays.

  crosstrainer 02:12 15 Aug 2007

Copy going use the email... First come first gets!

  mrwoowoo 01:07 17 Aug 2007

Although you have to download a steam account and register to play,you don't have to play online.Infact there are 12 single player missions to complete and i think it is an excellent game.
Intrusive?,not sure about that!

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