rdave13 19:54 14 Jul 2007

I'm not a gamer but download demos to check my speed and to see how my graphics card (INNO3D GeForce 6800 XT) performs. However I downloaded a demo called Attack on Pearl Harbour. Controls are simple and the graphics are very good and found myself getting hooked. It's been a long time since I used to play games (getting longer in the tooth so to speak) and found myself concentrating and actually swaying with the plane I'm flying.
I'm seriously thinking of splashing out 18 squids on this. I can see how people get hooked on some games and never thought it would happen to me being 53 this year. Funny how just one game in a million (for me anyway) strikes the right chord. Anyone else had a similar experience that, although not interested in games in general, comes across a "must by it" one?

  SANTOS7 20:04 14 Jul 2007

Not quite the same but i am 52 and i play the Tombraider series of games on a regular basis, i am a big fan of the MYST series as well and i cannot see me giving them up just yet, good luck with your gaming, life begins...

  sunny staines 20:14 14 Jul 2007

another old boy here 50. i play the moorhuhn series games they are only short time limit demo's but very addictive. [you pan the screen and shoot the grouse] a german game now about 4 different versions.

  User-1159794 20:29 14 Jul 2007

53 myself and love games,mainly shooters I must admit.
Currently playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and looking forward to Crysis,Hellgate,Bioshock.

  hzhzhzhz 20:39 14 Jul 2007

52 here and just finished FEAR. Now I'm carrying on with Far Cry,on the Dam level at the mo. Just hope Manhunt 2 gets the go ahead.

  Joe R 20:47 14 Jul 2007


much the same type of scenario as yourself.

Been using computers for almost as long as I can remember, but had never played games on one, (unless you count solitaire as a game) until I was introduced to need for speed underground, whilst in a friends house. After about half an hours gameplay, I picked up a copy on my way home, and still play it quite regularly.

Strangely enough, I could never get interested in the follow up ones Nfsu2, most wanted and Carbon, as the gameplay was competely different.

  ulrich 20:59 14 Jul 2007

If you want to play a real flight game get IL2 Sturmovik and a joystick.

  rdave13 22:53 14 Jul 2007

"If you want to play a real flight game get IL2 Sturmovik and a joystick." Hmm, that is what I'm trying to explain. I'm no gamer as such but this game has me hooked. SANTOS 7 and sunny staines with Joe R have exactly the same "feeling", for want of a better word, about a game. May be two. You get hooked for what reason? Rapscallion is into "shooters".
I've no interest in simulators or games with complicated "keys" action or multiplayer "clan" systems. I've no real interest in games exept this particular one. Glad to know others have the same addiction but just wondered why I have this fascination for this particular game? Poor as I am in games I managed the two levels in the demo and still I'll go back to replay them unless I splash out on the real game of course.
Play .com here I come!

  QuizMan 22:58 14 Jul 2007

57 and a Civilization (currently v4) fan. Turn-based games give me time to think and plan. Can't get on with FPS - they make me feel queasy. Must be some form of motion sickness. And I was rubbish at them too.

  wolfie3000 00:19 15 Jul 2007

Makes me feel very young being only 32 and still playing games,

I agree with Rdave13, using games to test performance is the best way of doing it,

Currently playing, Halo 1 & 2, F.E.A.R. GTA SA & VC, Warrock, Tomb raider legends & anniversary and
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 demo.

  rdave13 00:34 15 Jul 2007

As an undisputedly games expert on these forums, wolfie3000, can you tell me why I will buy this game. I see no rhyme or reason, looking at it logically, for the need of me to buy it but buy it I will.
The graphics are excellent, the physics are the same; especially in a dog fight when you have to aim foreward of the enemy and the tracer bullets curve in a perfect parabolla as they would in real life. Mesmorizing graphics I think and as a kid I read a lot of stories about the RAF during WW2. May be that's the link--true life?

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