Gamers and how they differ.

  wolfie3000 04:34 05 Apr 2011

I know this is game related but at the same time its more about peoples attitude so thought it would be best posted here.

I was in game today (Perfect world) just hanging out with friends when a girl came up to me and was wondering where to get a pet for her character, so i gave her one of my rarest pets a dodo bear, click here

And 100,000 in gold to help her feed and look after, it, anyway she was over the moon and thanked me and my guild for the pet.

a few hours later a guy came up and asked a similar question about where to buy pets, this time I gave him my panther, click here
Which is also a rare pet to get, also gave him 100,000 in gold to look after it, so this guy after receiving the pet didnt even thank me for it,

I tried making small talk with him, things like what hes up to in game and such but he just blanked me.

Is it to much to ask for people to be polite in a game? or was the girl a rare thing?

  Kevscar1 05:51 05 Apr 2011

Sounds no different than the real world

  carver 08:58 05 Apr 2011

As Kevscar has said, just like the real world.

But you have to believe that for every taker there is at least 10 gamers who want to help, and there are some really decent people out there.

  Quickbeam 09:05 05 Apr 2011

And I thought I lived in surrealia...

  ordep 10:24 05 Apr 2011

Just one of the advantages of FPS. If any one ticks me of, I just let'em have it, strait between the eyes;-)

  ams4127 10:57 05 Apr 2011

And I thought I lived in surrealia..."

You and me, both!

  Chegs ®™ 11:24 05 Apr 2011

I play online golf & have often helped out "noobs" to the game(or so their level would suggest)with clubs/game cash etc & have noted a few that have received items which have reappeared in the auction house.Many have been given items & been grateful,but there are many more that will join a guild simply to obtain items from the guild lockers & trade these items to a main character & the "beginner" toon disappears never to be seen again.Its human nature unfortunately to be deceitful in a game.

  Uboat 19:17 05 Apr 2011

Woolfie you should get L4D2! we dont get none of that on there just hardcore gaming lol :-)

  wolfie3000 00:13 06 Apr 2011

Uboat, I gave up on FPS games along time ago, I got bored of the shoot run repeat of it all.

As for the male gamer I really feel he wasn't deceiving me, just a bit rude.

If the male gamer does sell the pet in the online action I will soon know as the pet had its name changed to Slash, cant be many panther battle pets called that in game.

OH well as long as the players are happy then its all good.

  donki 13:21 06 Apr 2011

Do you have any idea how old he was? If he was just a kid he may just lack that social aspect of gaming..... actually some older folk lack social skill. Kick his ass and take the pet back, he will live and learn.

  wolfie3000 12:48 13 Apr 2011

I saw him recently training the pet, as for his age iv no idea.

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