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  donki 10:54 12 Nov 2007

I know its been mentioned before but how would I go about finding out the intrest in a gaming forum on the site? Im aware there was one some time ago but was closed due to lack of intrest. In the past few weeks, there have been may posts related to gaming and maybe a dedicated forum would be useful? Its would stop the Consumer and Speakers Corner thread being used as neither of them really apply, anyone with me?

  paul trotter 11:25 12 Nov 2007

It's certainly something to consider. You may have seen that we've been developing various topic zones on PCA over the past few months (including Broadband Advisor, Laptop Advisor and the new Mobile Advisor).

A Games Advisor (with a dedicated forum) is another possibility - all feedback welcome.

Paul Trotter, PCA

  youtruth 13:31 12 Nov 2007

The obvious thing to do is ask the members and wait for the usual very limited Doomed response.

The replies to this thread should speak volumes.

Until games stop looking like moving, exploding and darkened graphics then I will never be interested in them.

There is the Sims I suppose!

I do however like some of the Bratz and Barbie games.
Even the latest Wi-fi themed game on Head Melts is so realistic.

  JanetO 13:47 12 Nov 2007

Heaven games has good gaming forum click here

  DieSse 14:13 12 Nov 2007

A Linux Forum and Linux Advisor (inc BSD) - is way way overdue.

Just try counting the posts on Linux threads, which can way outnumber some of the other Forums completely.

For a "PC" mag to have a mobile forum and not a Linux one is an odd thing to say the least.

  wasp15 14:20 12 Nov 2007

I also think a Linux forum would be a good idea for the website. However, I don't think the mobile forum is odd. I don't know any statistics here but surely there are more PC users that use mobile phones than PC users that use Linux?

  Forum Editor 17:14 12 Nov 2007

it started very much like this - a few members kept telling us that there was a definite need for such a forum, so we responded, and opened one.

After an initial flurry of interest the traffic died away, almost to zero, and it wasn't too long before the traffic figures made it evident that there was no point in continuing. Some of the contributors gamely (no pun intended) went off and started their own forum. I have no idea whether it still exists, but we certainly wished them well.

Frankly I think the same thing would happen if we did it again. We know that we have a very enthusiastic group of gamers in our midst, but that's not enough to warrant starting a whole forum. It's a fact of life that a small number of real enthusiasts can make it seem as if there's a lot of interest, and we certainly see game-related threads, but if you take a careful look you'll see that in reality they are posted and populated by the same few people.

  Forum Editor 17:24 12 Nov 2007

I know that there are Linux users amongst us, but in fact they represent a very small minority of our overall audience. Linux is certainly an aspect of computing that deserves discussion, and we have always seen Linux threads in the forum areas - I'm not aware of any real increase in the number of Linux-related discussions, though.

I'm fairly confident that we can handle Linux problems and discussions within our present forum structure - feel free to post on the subject any time you like.

Nothing's set in stone, and we'll monitor the situation - I suggest that we leave things as they are until say, the end of February next year, and then look at the situation; perhaps you'll give me a reminder then, and we can take a fresh look?

A mobile-oriented forum does have its place in the scheme of things because almost all of us use mobile phones. In addition lots of people are trying other kinds of mobile devices, and we felt it was time to devote a dedicated forum to this area of technology.

  Marko797 18:23 12 Nov 2007

Although a gamer myself, whether it warrants a full blown forum is questionable 2b honest, especially given that there has been one in the past which didn't take off, apparently.

Gauging the number of responses to this thread here might be a way of testing the waters, donki.

I might be limited in my thoughts as to how it would work, but guess it would be focused on game reviews, based on personal opinion. I might think a certain game was great, but another player might think it's terrible, for example. I might sing the praises of FPS, but others might be interested in RPG, or even On-Line stuff, & this 'genre' issue might have an effect on success.

On a positive note, it could however be used to highlight up & coming releases, and demo availablity, & demo sources, provided people are willing to input the info for others to access.

Additionally on positivity, it could be used to highlight technology advances with regard to grafs cards, game machine requirements, etc, but it could be argued that we (all) get PCA monthly, a maybe 'sister' magazines, & read their reviews, plus we do have the Consumer forum for these types of things.

It's a mixed bag, but if it does kick off, I'll be happy to put my two-pennies-worth in. Good initiative, but test the waters.

  donki 19:17 12 Nov 2007

That was the purpose of the thread, just to see if people thought yeah or niegh. I certainly dont want one if there isnt the need for one. Its just I noticed lately alot of people requesting information of GFX cards and gaming systems. So it could cover a wide range of subjects.

Id come on and create a post when I get a new game and want to say if it would be a good buy, I usually stick it in consumer watch. We shall see if people want it, if nothing comes of it I will carry along merrily as usual.

  Totally-braindead 19:30 12 Nov 2007

I'm not sure if I'd want it or not to be honest. I can see it being rather quiet with a half dozen people being in it all the time and most of the others ignoring it.

If I have a problem with a particular game I always go to the game developers website and their support pages first.

I think it would be just another Forum I don't go into.

Of the ones we have already I only go into 5 of them. I'm not into Webdesign or Networking or the DigitalWorld one and the new one on mobiles doesn't interest me in the slightest either, though I understand that for a lot of people a mobile phone is very important so I'm probably in the minority with that.

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