Gadget lovers - here's the ultimate

  Stuartli 14:34 21 Oct 2007

The gadget freaks amongst you may well be very envious of this Coventry resident's latest gadget:

click here

  Totally-braindead 14:38 21 Oct 2007

Nice but I don't have the room. £65 an hour seems a bit steep to me though, perhaps thats why hes so quiet?

  Stuartli 14:41 21 Oct 2007

At least 10 years ago it used to cost at least £60,000 to undertake a 747 simulator course - at the conclusion of the course, it was reckoned that a successful participant could actually go out and fly a real 747...:-)

  crosstrainer 14:59 21 Oct 2007

Flight Simulator, but no wonder his wife left him:)

  €dstowe 15:45 21 Oct 2007

I've just shown this to my other half - who captains a 747 for a living.

His reaction is not printable but amounts to something like "what utter rubbish".

  Brumas 15:47 21 Oct 2007

I wonder if she left him for a baggage-handler in the assumption that they were on strike more often then pilots and consequently she would see more of him ;o)

  TopCat® 15:50 21 Oct 2007

executive class recliner seat-cum-bed for when he sets the thing on long haul and autopilot. Got to be refreshed and alert for the landing, don't you think?

I wonder too how long it will be before he hires a beautiful air stewardess to see to his every needs! :o) TC.

  Forum Editor 16:17 21 Oct 2007

it's not "utter rubbish".

If someone can build a simulation of a 747 flight deck to this standard and charge that kind of money for flight-simulation sessions I say good luck to him. It's pretty obvious that an enormous amount of work has gone into the project, and equally obvious is the fact that it's the work of someone with a bit of an obsession.

Take a look at the real thing click here and then at the image on Stuartli's link, and you'll realise that a considerable amount of skill has gone into it.

I'm not surprised his wife left him, though.

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