gadaffi bye bye about time

  frankie 23:40 17 Mar 2011

just before the end,no fly zone finally approved,thats his lot,should o gone 3 weeks ago,hopefully he will see sense and scoot,any one looking for a lodger?,bonus may be able to get cheap oil,

  Quickbeam 08:04 18 Mar 2011

But do we have the military ability to do anything without appearing to be clinging to the USA's apron strings again?

Haven't we been here befoer?

  morddwyd 08:28 18 Mar 2011

Be realistic.

The West had no option.

Having come out on the side of the rebels in the hope of securing some post conflict oil, it now looks as though Gaddafi might regain control.

If that happens all hope of oil will have gone for ever.

Hey Ho! Better have another regime change.

I look forward to a similar resolution on Saudi Arabia because of their material support of the repression of protest in Bahrain.

Perhaps Mugabe will be next. Oh no. I forgot. No oil. Silly me.

Save money for the news programmes though. No need for anybody on the scene - just show some stock footage of Arabs being bombed by NATO.

God knows there's enough of it.

  sunnystaines 09:10 18 Mar 2011

we should keep out of their affairs, the rebels are anti west so why are we supporting them.

will the diplomat who went to help and got kicked out be invited back?

this will be a repeat of history like when the shah left iran,

  gengiscant 09:28 18 Mar 2011

'just before the end,no fly zone finally approved,thats his lot'

If Gaddafi chooses to attack the so called rebels immediately there is very little the west could do about it. If he won,which he undoubtedly would he would remain in power,again the west would need to deal with him for the simple reason Libya has lots of oil.

The UN should have had a no fly zone weeks ago but with America remaining very silent on the proposal the resolution has been passed far to late to be of any use.

The west is remarkedly silent at what is happening in Bahrain, I do not here calls for a no fly zone or much being said about troops sent from Saudi Arabia to assist in putting down protesters.

Obviously the west cannot be seen to be taking sides to often with the oil rich states the consequences wcatastrophicastropic for our economies.

The west will continue to deal with whoever is in power no matter how they treat their people.

  spuds 09:59 18 Mar 2011

Don't forget, this is all being done for Humanitarian reasons.

A bit like Iraq, and now look what is happening there.

With the nuclear problem in Japan, will this convince the leaders of the Western world, that we should be on the doorstep of Iran, and perhaps convince Arab's should fight Arab's?.

  birdface 10:10 18 Mar 2011

Gaddafi has two options.
1.To keep fighting which he cannot win.
2.To stop fighting and agree with the Nato rulings in which case he stays in power.
Now most people in there right mind would go for option 2.
But I have my doubts with Gaddafi.
lets hope the Uk stays out of it.

  spuds 10:22 18 Mar 2011

"lets hope the Uk stays out of it".

They should, but the pressures behind the scenes might not let them. We only need to see the unrest in that area (its been simmering for ages), and other Arabic States, that this whole affair may well become really scary for everyone, the world-wide over.

  VLADTHEOGRE 10:23 18 Mar 2011

I find it amazing that we can still "afford" to poke our noses into other countries wars and uprisings, when we are in such an economic shambles, and we are shutting airbases and running the military capability of the UK on a shoestring. Defence chiefs have warned the government about the serious danger of doing this.

This is a LIBYAN matter. They should sort it out.

Amazing that the last government built 9 brand new Nimrod aircraft at a staggering cost of 80MILLION pounds each, and then got diggers in to scrap them at a further cost of £200 MILLION

Quote: Unite National Officer Bernie Hamilton said: "The lunatics have taken over the asylum when the government orders the Ministry of Defence to break up £4bn worth of world-class defence equipment.

Could they not have put them into a hangar somewhere....just in case)....after all, there will always be pilots to fly them.

Somebody obviously isn't telling the truth about the state of the UK's finances.

We should KEEP OUT. It's not our business. If we need to help any country at the moment, then we should help Japan.

We have lost enough of our brave servicemen and women poking our noses in. Enough!

  rickf 10:43 18 Mar 2011

Humanitarian euphenism for Oil?

  octal 10:54 18 Mar 2011

"Libya has closed its air space to all traffic in a move seen to thwart the United Nation's imposition of a no-fly zone over the country."
click here

Being vindictive, or holding hostages? Maybe a bit of both. If anything happens to our nationals we might not have a choice but be dragged into it, not good news.

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