laurie53 08:42 03 Apr 2009

So, has el Gordo done it?

Regardless of whether the financial arrangements work or not, has he achieved a major diplomatic coup simply by getting an agreement at all?

I must admit, hearing Sarkozy, arguably the ablest politician in Europe, if not the world, saying that they had achieved more than he had even dreamed of was a bit of an eye opener.

While he may not have improved his standing at home much, I suspect his stature on the world stage has gone up some.

  perpetual motion 12:55 03 Apr 2009

NOT a chance!! i knew it would all be "Sherry & After 8's" for a short while, that is simply not enought money! i admire them for there huge effort though but i think this meeting should of been done 6 months ago before the banks went "BUST" its FAR FAR too deep now, only yesterday there was 3000 UK jobs about to be lost & thats NOT including any small companies or high street shops!

  bremner 13:15 03 Apr 2009

"hearing Sarkozy, arguably the ablest politician in Europe, if not the world"

Nearly choked on my lunch laughing at that one.

  bluto1 13:29 03 Apr 2009

I wonder (worriedly) about who is going to administer the £1 Trillion. How much will disappear in "Bonuses".

  sunnystaines 15:02 03 Apr 2009

Sarkozy has always come across well, especially over georgia and shows good insight on the credit crunch.

  interzone55 15:13 03 Apr 2009

A lot of the current job loses are in companies that weren't viable in the first place, and have been running on credit for far too long.

The biggest player in my industry is on VERY VERY thin ice, they have a credit rating of zero, and didn't make enough profit last year to cover the interest on their debts.

I think that GB pulled it off quite well, simply getting any kind of agreement out of the disparate leaders in that room was a feat...

  laurie53 19:41 03 Apr 2009

"Best laugh in ages.

"hearing Sarkozy, arguably the ablest politician in Europe, if not the world"

Nearly choked on my lunch laughing at that one."

Well, I did say arguably.

However, I would hardly regard choking on your lunch as a cogent argument!

  oresome 19:47 03 Apr 2009

"why has this government presided over immoral capitalism for twelve years?"

It's financed their grand schemes and kept them in power?

  Grey Goo 20:47 03 Apr 2009

Well it seems it was the usual lets get the business over in 10 minutes and then it's down the bar for a good jolly. Then the usual press opportunities for Mrs. Brown and Mrs.BOB. Mrs Brown in what seemed to be her blue dressing gown making tea and not quite sure how the lid fitted on one day and Mrs BOB visiting a School and joining in the fun, Mrs Brown still in her blue dressing gown on day 2.
Then the wagon train lights flashing on to Stanstead, one last wave and away to Strasbourg, Mrs Brown can now change her blue dressing gown for her pinny and headscarf and black lead the grate at No.10.

  Forum Editor 11:46 04 Apr 2009

If you click here you'll read a somewhat different assessment of Sarah Brown's relative importance......and not from a source noted for its allegiance to New Labour.

  Grey Goo 21:08 04 Apr 2009

Well she's certainly married to a gambler that's for sure. Trouble is he's gambling with borrowed stakes.

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