G B stays overnight in Afghanistan

  Al94 20:12 13 Dec 2009

Wow, how brave, nothing to do with the upcoming election I'm sure click here

  caccy 20:29 13 Dec 2009

Hasn't he just been to a conference on "Global Warming?" and how we must ALL reduce our carbon footprint? uum!

  Snec 23:53 13 Dec 2009

You seem to find that most of the global warming fanatics are self-important hypocrites who believe in all they preach so long as it does not affect them moving about at will. They all do it.

  bri-an 08:23 14 Dec 2009

"..the first prime minister since World War II to spend a night in a combat zone. "

Must surely give the guy some credit - never saw that from Mrs T, Wilson, Heath etc etc.

So does that make all of them them cowards in your eyes?

  bri-an 08:56 14 Dec 2009

I think you're just playing with words a little here!
"I'll cut him some slack" but "..won't give him some credit" ??

I'm not a Brown 'supporter', but I'm willing not to be totally blinkered to everything he does. From some comments regularly appearing on here you'd think he was the devil incarnate. I have no doubt his motives are as good/bad as any other British PM in history.

  Snec 09:23 14 Dec 2009

This PM, who has rendered the UK insignificant, presents so little threat to Foreign Powers that he is probably safer travelleling than any former PM would have been. Which country, apart from the UK, would benefit from having him erased?

  interzone55 09:39 14 Dec 2009

Seeing as it's highly likely GB flew in & out on a military transport that would have being going there anyway his trip will not have increased total carbon emissions.

Now throwing vast amounts of heavy munitions about in Afghanistan is probably not doing the environment much good...

  bri-an 09:46 14 Dec 2009

Exactly as I said, such views as this are laughable.
We are a threat to no one ("..rendered the UK insignificant"!!). Even with our arsenal of nuclear weapons??
..and why should you need our PM be "..a threat to Foreign Powers"??. Is that your politics, get what you want by threats?

How can one man be responsible for ALL the problems the country faces, do we not have cabinet government?
You are looking for a 'quick-fix' to all the problems and simply target the one man, as if getting rid of him will make your life bearable again. Wait till we've had Dave for a while!!

  bri-an 09:56 14 Dec 2009

"..but neither do I think he deserves praise for doing what any British PM would do in the circumstances"

What 'circumstances? He is the ONLY one to have gone and stayed in a war zone was the point, the others didn't ever do that, even when electioneering.
To suggest 10 Downing St might be considered a 'war zone' after that attack is ludicrous. Similarly with the Brighton hotel. These were one-off terorist attacks, and the politicians were unlucky to be there, the difference is the present incumbent CHOSE to spend a night in a war-torn country with the troops. (But I suspect you understand this (;-). ).

  gengiscant 11:17 14 Dec 2009

Is it just me,but do our troops really want a succession of politicians 'coming to see them'.

They are forbidden to say anything that might be construed as anti government or even political, so no "oh by the way Gordon my boots are knackered but I cannot get new ones because they are not here yet or any chance of getting radios that actually work etc etc any chance that you actually delivered instead of the usual political rhetoric"

  Kevscar1 11:19 14 Dec 2009

The 2 cannot be compared. We have a Prime Minster who stayed overnight in a secure base in a warzone with no prior publicity and I,ll bet with extremely high security.
The others were deliberate tragets of terrorist attacks.

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