The future of speaker's corner

  namtas 12:03 25 Mar 2006

VOG posted

"I think that this thread demonstrates a need to close Speakers corner"

Surely we are adult enough to be able to deal with the problemm we should not advocate closing speakers corner just because of one instance of dissagreement

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:35 25 Mar 2006

I tend to agree. Speakers' corner is a debating area not a 'let's all agree and fawn over every statement'tank and if one cannot accept disagreement one should not post. Any debate will stand or fall on it's own or it's originators' merits.

I feel that there are some people that think of forums as a release from the real world when they are merely an extension. There are plenty of back-slapping forums around where everyone is saccharine nice to each other and fawns over every posting. If that is what people want then fine. I cannot see why people get upset when there is a disagreement and when the original poster cannot or does not want to defend themselves. If a poster can post a loquacious statement then surely they can rise to the defence when criticised? Sweeping statements by 'sensitive' people are just that.

These people need to grow up and visit the Houses of Parliament, the Oxford Union or any local planning committee if they want to see what disagreement is about. It seems to come as a surprise that anyone on a forum can disagree with statements and I start to cringe when the words 'my cyberfriends' are used as though we should all agree with each other just because we can use computers to post to forums.

Looking on th ebright side, at least it has given some the courage to vent their annoyance on other forums.


  Totally-braindead 13:28 25 Mar 2006

Closing the Forum is a tad extreme, perhaps things were getting out of hand a bit in whichever thread it was. That aside I've learned a great deal from all the Forums and some of the diverse "conversations" have been very entertaining. I do appreciate that some do not like the opening up of Speakers Corner to non computer related postings but I personally have rather enjoyed it and am quite willing to let the FE decide when things get out of order.

The people on this Forum are a diverse bunch and naturally when theres such a mix there will be disagreements but if you post gibberish then why be surprised when people react negatively.

I must say I agree with Gandalf wholeheartedly and while not wanting to put anyone off posting about whatever they like I would like to say that perhaps some people should read what they have written before they post it.

  spuds 13:43 25 Mar 2006

When the foundations of the PCA forum was constructed, there was the Lounge,which brought many hours of self enlightment. If you have an annoying problem with a computer or similar subject, then a few minutes discussing or reading something of a perhaps different nature, can make a very refreshing change.

Let's hope, the recent incidents do not put the final nail in the coffin, as far as Speakers Corner is concerned.

  Forum Editor 13:45 25 Mar 2006

Speakers Corner, simply because one individual didn't like the way that people reacted to his/her thread topic. The whole idea of debate is that it can be robust - heated even - without the necessity for prima donna displays every time the tide turns.

We all say things that are open to question from time to time, and it's up to each of us to defend our position. Unless we're prepared to do that it would be better to stay out of the discussion - it's certainly not a very mature reaction to flounce off in a huff, and shout 'unfair' from the sidelines.

All of us - without exception - have our sensitive areas, and all of us must learn to deal with that if we are to take part in online debates. There's no body language on which to rely, no "I didn't mean to offend" smile, or placatory expressions to oil the wheels of our written goings on. It's a slightly rough and tumble environment, and occasionally egos are ruffled; it's inevitable, and if we're going to plunge into paroxysms of angst evey time it happens we'll never get anywhere.

Speakers Corner stays, and all are welcome to take part - just understand that you will be part of a group of total strangers, and from time to time you might meet with a degree of dissent. It's hardly the end of the world, and the next day it should all be forgotten. Log off and open a bottle of wine, or whatever it is you do to relax; when you come back you'll feel better. If you don't, there's something not quite right with your anger-management technique.

  jack 14:03 25 Mar 2006

Hear Hear, as they say with regard to TV content
'There is always the off switch'

Take a peek at a particular thread - if it is not for you then pass on by.

The poster will soon realize when the responses dry up it is time to change tack.

  amonra 14:03 25 Mar 2006

Live and let live. Just ignore the idiots who post provocative issues. I think most of us are mature enough to leave it all wash over us. Long may Speakers Corner reign !

  p;3 14:17 25 Mar 2006

"just ignore the idiots who post provocative issues" ; surely that comment is a tad insulting to any forum member? speakers corner has been opened up for debate of various kinds, some of which we, as individualls, may disagree with ;what happened to respect for the individual who does dare to post a question or comment that might be a bit "not what one might be expecting to read"?; I for one hope that the forum member whose thread has really provoked this one, will post back and will receive a more courteous response; members come from all walks of like and will varying degrees of understanding of different matters; are we all not here to help each other instead of trying to demoralise ?

  namtas 14:23 25 Mar 2006

Thank you for that reassurance Peter, I think that
perhaps we all have learned sokmething from the last few days. In some sort of perverse way maybe it had to be aired. Relieved, I can now close the thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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