future of mobiles...?

  hijo 19:32 22 Oct 2006

we are now at technology's peak i belive & so as with mobile phones,i often wonder (sad as it may be) where will mobiles be in say 5 or even 10 years...???? does anyone belive that we will have holograms thats emit from our phones...?? i mean look where we are now & realy mobiles have only realy taken off in the last 12 yrs & look now....!!! i can remember having our first mobile in 1993/4 (but the ad says it was first made in 1983...)click here
the phone was bizzare & way back then when u called someone as soon as there phone started to ring you was charged EVEN IF THEY DIDNT ANSWER,,if i remember correct text messaging wasnt available on that phone & on any networks,
does anyone have any memories of there first mobile...???

  hijo 19:33 22 Oct 2006

the battery WAS the full size of the phone & it was very heavy....lol

  hijo 19:35 22 Oct 2006

these facts on that mobile are scarrey dont you think

click here

  VoG II 21:45 22 Oct 2006

I remember in 1995 or thereabouts when I was running a project for the EC we had meetings in Brussels. This German professor used to appear lugging several kg of communications equipment with him. It was a phone but hardly mobile.

  Koochy 23:38 22 Oct 2006

click here Was my first mobile scary i now have click here
What a difference to be seen between the 2 phones.


  BT 07:53 23 Oct 2006

When you hear the utterly purile rubbish being talked by people walking around the street and supermarket using their mobiles, it makes you wonder if it would have been better if they had stayed the size of housebricks. Just think how much money you would'nt be spending every month!!

  hijo 11:07 23 Oct 2006

is it me but is it kinda like a game now where its like a race to get the best most upto date phone,i offten see people been judged by what there mobile is..this isnt that funny as i know a old man whos got a right "awld" thing & drives around in a 10 year old nissan patrol BUT hes wealthy as hell...he dont want nothing complicated just so he can make calls...

  Hertz Van Rentyl 12:08 23 Oct 2006

Some agency have invented a plastic battery, so the case can now become the battery, still being developed along with a micro gas turbine generator to power your computers etc.

  wee eddie 18:09 23 Oct 2006

reveals how antediluvian your thinking is.

Of course we will all have a communication device, but a phone, no way!

The whole, built into a device grafted onto the Aural nerve, OK, built into an earplug as a first step.

Verbal control, say "Call Joe Smith" and Joe is notified that you wish to speak to him.

  sean-278262 18:56 23 Oct 2006

Im a late arrival to the mobile phone market.

My phone history is really boring. I keep a phone till I kill it.

Nokia 3310 - Still working allbeit on the 3rd battery
Nokia 7250i - I managed to kill this one permanently after 2 years
Sony K300i - Good work horse but has battery and other issues now
Palm Treo 650 - One of the most powerful and useful smartphones on the market.

That said I am tempted to sell my treo at christmas and buy something else as I got mine for about £40 less than it is worth.

I remember a friend of mine getting a motorola brick phone and was the first person I knew to have one.

click here

I remember thinking wow. But still it isnt really mobile. Even my phone as a PDA is smaller and 100s of times more powerful.

As for the initial comments about the height of it. I dont think so. I think we are now moving to the a new age of processing so I think we have a long way yet with plenty more to come. Certainly the innovation seems to have dropped these days and moores law has faded off to nothingness.

  lisa02 19:17 23 Oct 2006

click here

then went through lots of models, inc click here(v100)-224.php more of a text communicator that you had to have a headset with, otherwise you couldn't accept calls when it rang!!!

A few nokias and camera phones later and I have a sony ericsson w810i walkman with gigs of space for music, video and photos. I can also link it the PC via bluetooth and control the mouse!!!!

I can see them incorporating more and more features, and us becoming dependant on them. More controls like my example of controlling the PC..... Something like tracking (can be done now!!) IDs, bio data, banking through it and shopping with it.

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