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  Brumas 22:58 07 Feb 2008

The thing is, looking at the ‘bottomless’ pile of unidentified postcards I reckon by June or July (or even sooner) we will have reached the bottom of it!

I do so enjoy setting and posting the weekly puzzle, so the only solution as far as I can see, would be to use postcards from my wife’s vast (and I do mean vast) collection, and carefully obscure the titles or carefully crop the image.
I therefore would NOT take part in the sleuthing – I would only monitor the puzzle and, if it ran too long without being solved, I could perhaps offer a clue or a pointer in the right direction?
Of course, should another unidentifiable/unique postcard come my way, I could again take part myself – obviously you would have to trust me that I was as much in the dark as yourselves – but I’m too old to start telling lies effectively and I’m certainly not going to start now!

What say you all??

I await your views and will understand if the general consensus of opinion is for me to let it die a ‘natural death’ and I shall bow out gracefully!

  anskyber 23:04 07 Feb 2008

An honourable gent, surely.

  MAT ALAN 23:11 07 Feb 2008

Some of the photo's have posed a real challenge, i for one enjoy the research to find the answers, KEEP EM COMING for me....


  Wilham 23:14 07 Feb 2008

Brumas, excellent idea. And thanks... W

  lisa02 23:14 07 Feb 2008

I'm often click through and read your puzzle threads but I couldn't participate re. lack of knowledge.

Back to the point.. if I'm allowed to express my view... I think you'd be honourable and trust worthy. In fact I know you would as it wouldn't be much fun to solve your own puzzle ;)

  ashdav 23:20 07 Feb 2008

I,for one,would be glad if you did.
The weekly treasure hunt is a welcome diversion and very interesting.

  MCE2K5 23:26 07 Feb 2008

I'm in.

  Brumas 23:31 07 Feb 2008

Well, thanks for all the kind words of encouragement - I wonder what the rest of the hardcore T.O.A.R.E.G.S. - Those Of Us Actively Regenerating Existing Grey Cells - will make of it?

  Earthsea 23:47 07 Feb 2008

Being the proud winner of last week's 'Identification Longshot/Talking Point' contest (I'm still gloating), I'd be happy for you to continue them. Friday nights wouldn't be the same. Don't expect a lot of input from me, though - I'm usually hopeless.

  Macscouse 23:55 07 Feb 2008

Cease at your peril, she who knows all will be on your case immediately, and whilst she is perusing the weekly wotsit, I get a bit of peace and quiet. Keep up the good work, we'll all push for your MBE for christmas.

  rdave13 00:07 08 Feb 2008

Fridays just wouldn't be the same without the ILTP's, even though I'm usually way out on trying to solve them! Hope you'll carry on and thanks for your time and effort.

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