Future council tenants could move on

  TopCat® 17:48 03 Aug 2010

according to David Cameron, as he outlines his latest thinking on affordable homes. click here

Future tenants will no longer have a home for life, or for it to be passed on to the tenants' children, as is the case in some areas. He expects some fierce auguments to his suggestion and I expect he'll not be disappointed either! TC.

  ella33 17:59 03 Aug 2010

To be fair people pay a lot of money for the houses and some people do a lot to them and pay for improvements. Although I sympathise with people not being able to get a swap, it does seem unfair to penalise others.

  Forum Editor 18:09 03 Aug 2010

- that not everyone will support and will lead to quite a big argument... looking at a more flexible system, I think makes sense."

What a breath of fresh air - a Prime Minister who actually talks common-sense. There will be arguments,as he says,but if he can pull it off we'll begin to part company from the idea that it's everyone's right to have a council house, and once you're a council tenant you have a home for the rest of your days - all you have to do is pay the rent, and the council will maintain the property. I know a woman who has lived in the same council house since she got married at the age of 24. She's 84 now, her husband died ten years ago, and left her a very tidy pile of money. When I suggested that she exercised her right to buy - which she could have done without even noticing the cost - she refused, on the grounds that her neighbours might think she was being posh.

For fifty years she and her husband did nothing whatever to maintain the house, and since he died she has done nothing either, despite being the wealthiest person in her street. She didn't like any of the wallpaper choices she was offered when it came time for them to redecorate internally, but she settled for the least offensive, rather than pay a few pounds to buy her own paper for them to hang. Now she sits each night watching TV in a room with wallpaper she doesn't like.

There must be hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people just like her, and it's costing local authorities hundreds of millions every year.

  sunnystaines 18:20 03 Aug 2010

on some council estates the drive ways are full of luxury cars and the resides appear to have no shortage of cash.

the usa system of a council house for set amount of years perhaps 5 then you either buy somewhere or rent private.

  spuds 18:23 03 Aug 2010

Some council house tenancy agreements are out of touch with modern times. One typical example is the right of a son or daughter taking over 'the family home' after the parents die. The son/daughter can live there for possibly twenty years, and on the death of the parents, the son/daughter may well be evicted (because they are not the registered tenant). The council then as a duty of care in re-homing an homeless person, usually somewhere else. Crazy or what!.

Right to Buy is another thing. In the past, it was not unknown to purchase 'your own property' then sub-let at a later time. At the same time council's were screaming out for 'affordable' houses, but were also selling property onto housing associations, who were getting government grants and funding.

  spuds 18:39 03 Aug 2010

I know a number of people who have purchased their Right to Buy ex-council house, because they have lived there for many years, seeing their children grow up. In that time they have built up very successful business empires, and have acquired a bob or two with all the luxury items including expensive cars.

Their neighbours hold no jealousy, because they all were involved with each other from an early life. They chose not to move, because of the neighbourly atmosphere. What 'outsiders' think, is of very little concern.

  egapup 19:20 03 Aug 2010

Why should someone move from a home they have lived in for years, typical toff tory.

  kieronkirk 19:20 03 Aug 2010


"There must be hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people just like her, and it's costing local authorities hundreds of millions every year"

Projected HRA(Housing Revenue Account)surplus for England 2011/2012: £250 million.

£13 billion over the next 30 years.


  zzzz999 19:32 03 Aug 2010

she's the only one. Still bring back the workhouses eh.

Amazing how quickly we forget the bankers part in all of this as we dash to kick the poorest and weakest. Well done the tories, job done.

  kieronkirk 19:35 03 Aug 2010

Etymology of Tory: robbers and plunderers.

Google "tories"


  Woolwell 19:42 03 Aug 2010

What have the bankers got to do with this? Nothing at all.

Why should someone move from a home?
Many people who own homes downsize when their family have grown up or are left on their own. With the current system there is no incentive for a person living on their own to move and make available a large house for a family that needs the space.

There may be a requirement to provide assistance with moving.

This surely about fairness in making the right sort of accommodation available for as many as possible.

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