The future of computing.

  tommy vercetti 11:05 10 Mar 2006

Just imagine the capabilities that computers will have in the future

i dont think we are too far away from a world where computers will be flying planes, managing offices and even searching for extraterrestrial life.

Does anyone else agree or am i being far fetched?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:31 10 Mar 2006

' computers will be flying planes'..they already do.

'searching for extraterrestrial life'...they already do.

'managing offices' are not called Rip Van Winkel perchance?


  pc_sausage 12:47 10 Mar 2006

I'm still awaiting the robot housewives that were promised in the 1950s.

  Skills 12:48 10 Mar 2006

I watched a rather interesting program on BBC learning zone the other night about nano technology and its potentional uses. Basically computers on a molecular scale the next few years will be very interesting.

The guy they had from IBM was talking about having devices that could process data independantly without having to send and move data about to and from processors.

  rmcqua 12:54 10 Mar 2006

Maybe a few decades away but I think bio-electronic developments, direct brain implants that will allow for sending and receiving data, sound, video etc. without the interaction of our ears and eyes (cochlear implants are already an early working example of this type of technology).

  johndrew 14:26 10 Mar 2006

`' computers will be flying planes'..they already do.`

The problem is they also have autoland as well as standard climbout and navigation. I like the human to be able to see the ground before we hit it!!!!

  Forum Editor 17:22 10 Mar 2006

I've been aboard an autolanding 747 on three occasions, and if I hadn't known about it I would never have known about it, if you see what I mean.

My brother-in-law is a 747 captain on the London/Hong Kong run, and I have sat with him on many occasions when our trips have coincided. He says the onboard computers do most of the flying between the two cities, and his opinion it's the safest way to do it.

  Starfox 17:35 10 Mar 2006

It will probably be very different from the forecasters projections,for example-When I was at school in the 1950's the vision of the furure included,

Everyone would have their own *flying car* for personal transport.

Space travel would be the norm for all.

Housework would be done by robots.(Like the one pc_sausage is waiting for).

Nuclear power would make electricity so cheap that we would all get it for free.

Mind you there is one that has partly come true *Big brother is watching you* :o)

  johndrew 18:43 10 Mar 2006

Unfortunately computers don`t have eyes or inate senses and as a result I have been forced to clean up after them on more than one occassion.

  Forum Editor 18:59 10 Mar 2006


I suspect that rather more cleaning up is/has been done after human errors than after computer ones. In fact I know as much.

It's now possible to make computers that are so reliable they will run for years with a minimum of supervision, and we will see them entering our lives at just about every level possible in the years to come. Within twenty years it will be virtually impossible to run a normal lifestyle without using a computer. Online purchasing continues to accelerate at an amazing rate. The latest official government statistics are for 2004, and show that Internet sales rose by 81 per cent between 2003 and 2004, from £39.3 billion to £71.1 billion, that's not a bad increase in a year. In 2004 over 34% of all UK businesses had a website, and I imagine the figure was far higher in 2005.

That rate of growth will continue, as online purchasing rapidly becomes the norm.

  stalion 19:26 10 Mar 2006

if they can harness nano technology and apply it computers as we know them now will be obsolete

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