Further News for Microsoft One Care

  J B 14:24 08 Feb 2006

For anyone that is interested, Microsoft plans to release One Care in the USA in June 2006. The price will be $49.95 with tech support in the form of e-mail, phone, and chat as part of the package. As far as the UK and other countries are concerned there will be a Beta Release within the next year. The full story can be had at click here I for one think that if the price in the States is $49.95, then I am assuming that once it is released over here the price will be in the region of £49.95. But this is only my opinion based upon what prices are at the moment. J.B.

  sunny staines 15:43 08 Feb 2006

remember the extra mark up for the UK.

  Forum Editor 17:05 08 Feb 2006

and I have to say I'm very impressed with it. A couple of days ago it gave me a warning that it was unable to update itself, and it asked me if I would like some support. I sent an online suppoort request, together with details of the problem, and thought "That's it, this is beta software, and I'll hear no more about it". That was last Saturday morning. 24 hours later, on Sunday morning, I received an email from Kevin at Microsoft, who told me that he thought the problem was related to the fact that I had recently downloaded a new beta version of the .NET framework. He said that if I uninstalled that beta I would find that OneCare would go off and update itself as usual. I did as he suggested, and OneCare immediately trotted off, updated itself, and gave me an on-screen reassurance that all was well once more.

This kind of service would be impressive if I had paid for a subscription, but for a beta version it's unheard of, and it bodes well for the future of this excellent service.

  J B 17:38 08 Feb 2006

That is truely remarkable, but do you think that it will continue when One Care is shipped? The one other thing I have to ask is, are you using the Beta on your work or home computer or both? The reason I ask is, do you have your resident A/V and A/S disabled, and if you don't does the Beta interfere with the resident or not? I like the sound of a one stop shop and would gladly pay for the service if I could trust it to do the job, if you know what I mean. J.B.

  ayrmail 18:52 08 Feb 2006

I have been running it for a few months too and had to use the support and like the FE was pleasantly surprised at the speed and efficiency of the help.
As far as running AS I still have MS beta anispyware running and spybot SD and will continue as 1care has no AS.
I also have AVG although it says on the 1care site and the FE reminded me that you should only have one AV running on any one PC.
I find it very good and will certainly consider it when it comes out in full for all the PC’s at home.

  Forum Editor 19:00 08 Feb 2006

OneCare is itself an anti-virus program, and you must disable/uninstall any other AV programs before you install OneCare. I'm running it on one of my office machines, and on my home office computer.

I run my usual Spyware program, but OneCare does the rest. Every now and again it tunes up my machine - running a disk defrag, removing redundant files, scanning for viruses, etc. It does this automatically, or I can schedule the work to take place whilst I'm asleep, or out of the house/office. It also goes off and checks to see if there are any Microsoft updates for me, and it will run a back-up or restore a previous back-up if I tell it to. It is also my firewall, and so far it's a very good firewall - it tells me when it's recognised a program as being OK to access the internet, and if it's not sure it asks me what I want it to do.

I was slightly sceptical when I first heard about OneCare, but in the few weeks since I installed it I have been converted. This is software doing what good software should be doing - and doing it behind the scenes. If things go on as they are I will be perfectly happy to fork out an annual sum and leave OneCare to get on with it.

  J B 19:11 08 Feb 2006

Thats what I thought but wasn't for sure, thanks. I'm running Norton A/V at the moment, without any trouble I might add. To get a little off the subject I've been thinking about switching A/V software, but I am one of those who say "better the devil you know" so I have been shopping around. It seems to me that I should wait for a while to see what happens. I don't mind paying for norton but I do think that it is getting rather expensive. That said, I will still keep looking around. By the way I like the idea of modular protection instesd of all in one, however I can be swayed if there is a good product on offer that will keep me and my system safe. J.B.

  ayrmail 19:27 08 Feb 2006

Sorry please don’t let my irresponsible behaviour let you think it is ok to run 2 AV programs the FE is right it can cause all sorts of issues.
Re Norton I have used all of their products but I found them very resource intensive. I was also very sceptical of free programs but this forum encouraged me to try them and I have come to understand that a lot of freeware has the advantage of being designed to do a specific job and do it well, this forum helps because so many opinions give you the information to choose something that suits your needs.

  ayrmail 06:46 09 Feb 2006

Email from 1care support.
The top requested feature by our beta users is anti-spyware, which we are happy to tell you that it is right around the corner.
Other requested features include a registry cleaner, e-mail scanning, and more back-up options. We hear you! We'll continue to improve and enhance the service.

  amonra 16:47 09 Feb 2006

As JB stated earlier, will the first class service continue once the plebs are allowed to use it ? I think not, too many stupid individuals asking stupid questions, palm them off with a "standard" reply, "Thank you for calling MS "- - - - - - -

  Newuser38 17:33 09 Feb 2006

I had a feedback e-mail today, sent I guess to all beta users, which I am not, because some time back whwn I tried it was only available to US customers.

I note that it asks recipients to encourage friends to sign up now at click here because beta trialists will get a discount when it is released for sale in April.( I think that is the US release date.

I think the other problem I had when I tried to download was that I was using Windows 2000 and it will only download to XP.

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