Funny but True: Where can I find Shoes?

  ajm 20:08 03 Jul 2005

Working as a Sales Consultant for a well-known computer retailer,we get all types of customer who come in the store and ask all types of questions. Sometimes these questions are not even related to computers.

One example as follows:

Early Saturday morning, a young man who was well dressed, ut wearing trainers approached me and ask me : “Where will I find SHOES?”

I gave him a funny look and pointed him towards the Flat Panel TFT monitor sections and replied: “Over there, sir. We have sizes starting from 14 inches, have a wide range of 14, 15, 17 and 19 inches in stock and we can order up to 42” through our mail order catalogue service”

He had a sense of humour and realised that the walked in the wrong store!!!

  Stuartli 15:43 04 Jul 2005

You merely shooed him in the right direction...:-)

  Sapins 22:03 04 Jul 2005

Poor sole!

  wiz-king 22:17 04 Jul 2005

After you gave him the boot did he look down at heel?

  exdragon 23:05 04 Jul 2005

I hope your comments to him were tongue in cheek

  Buchan 35 21:00 05 Jul 2005

When he went into the department indicated how did he boot up. Silly question, he was looking for shoes!!

  dukeboxhero 21:35 05 Jul 2005

the poor sole

  wiz-king 04:58 06 Jul 2005

Nice to hear that he was instep with the latest fashions and not straitlaced about it.

  Stuartli 09:14 06 Jul 2005

One of those into leather...

That's enough or the FE will take appropriate action....:-)

  PUNKA 20:05 07 Jul 2005

Did he have one leg ???
Tell him to hop it !!

  Wilham 20:50 15 Jul 2005

ajm, thanks for that.

I said to my wife I'd go with her to Morrisons. I have a weak leg and despite the painkillers I'm told to take some exercise.

Inside the supermarket she suggested I buy the pork pie I'd spotted in an ad. I found myself at a counter where one had to ask for service.

"I'd like a lattice pork pie, please." I said.

The assistant didn't move, just looked at me and said "Are you eighty-two?"

"Not for three years.", said I, thinking there must be a dietry restriction on it for the elderly.

A customer came to my rescue... "You need a queueing number." she said, pointing to a paper-chain of numbers along the counter.

Then I saw the red 82 next-customer sign.

Humour eases the embarrassment. Thanks ajm.

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